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Wealth Insight 2009-06-12

How Wealth Creators think is how they get rich
If you want to break through the thinking that says –
  • making money is hard;
  • it takes years;
  • it takes money to make money;
  • it is very risky;
  • it’s winner take all;
  • most people take the gamble and don’t win;
  • and a tiny handful of blessed or lucky or talented or well-connected people take the lion’s share ...
... then I strongly, strongly recommend that you take a look at my blog (www.hannesdreyer.blogspot.com). And sign up for the free e-book!
In this e-book I will tell you how to change your thinking. You will see that you too have the ability, like one of my students, to earn –
US $79 164.37 or R639 546.68! That happened in a single day, this last Sunday. Since then, the figure has gone past R1 million!
You see, the basic difference between Wealth Creators and the rest of society is in the way that they think.
We’re talking about people who easily and effortlessly create wealth in all aspects of life.
  • They have financial abundance.
  • They have rich and satisfying relationships, marriages, friendships, family lives.
As opposed to the average person who struggles financially, is burdened by debt, grows apart from his or her family, feels trapped on a treadmill of overwork, and never getting anywhere.
The secret is, you need to think differently. Now 99,9% of people will think “I wish I was rich. I want to be rich.” And they put all their energy into becoming rich.
They almost always find it is very hard work and that their goal eludes them.
But the thinking works the other way around. To be a wealth creator you say “How can I give?” not “How can I get?”.
 “How can I give value to as many people as I can? How can I make their lives better, and in that way, make the world a better place?”
Many people will say “That’s all very well – and I will do it as soon as I can afford to – but right now I must pay the bills.”
But they have it the wrong way around.
First give, and then you will receive.
This is not just a nice idea. It is the basis of wealth. And it will set you free!
Get your name down for that e-book - you’re going to love it!
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To your wealth, health and success!
Hannes Dreyer
Wealth Mentor



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