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Wealth Insight 2009-06-26

Inside information nobody else will tell you about a website
There have been 800 or so questions asked and answered on www.build-a-web.com. Many are about the course itself, but many others are relevant to any website.
So if you have a website or plan to create one, you might find some of the information really useful! As far as I know a lot of the time you will not be told this ‘out straight’.
Remember, the truth whispers, while misinformation shouts!
Many lies are not direct. They are what people choose to leave out, not put in. So customers who don’t know an area, are in the dark. At the mercy of the ‘experts’.
So here are two interesting and important facts for you from Leon, my Build A Web partner (and IT professional).
Q: I’ve heard of people stealing domain names. Does this really happen?
A: Yes it does! Some people keep an eye on when your website is up for renewal (this is easy to do). If you go overdue a day or two, they jump in and register under their own names. Why? Usually it is not so much that they want the name, but that they want what you have built up. They particularly like to steal in this way if you have worked hard to get traffic to your site, in which case they immediately benefit by stealing the domain name because all your traffic goes to their new site.
My advice for renewal of your website domain is to set a reminder in your diary for a month to two weeks before expiry and renew it then. I do this as a precaution even though other domain names I own have a debit order facility through the registrar and are automatically renewed every year. If you don't renew in good time, someone can 'steal' your name! You will have to go through the registration process again with a different name! You will also have to go through the logistics of setting up all other collateral that may be associated with your domain name e.g. business cards etc.
Q: Some hosting companies charge a hosting fee with a limited hosting capacity (e.g. 5 megabyte hosting). Others offer apparently unlimited capacity. Surely I should go for unlimited?
A: This is a classic case of misleading the public. You would think unlimited would be best, but no. In my opinion, there should be a limit to your account with your webhost.
The reason is that many webhosts oversell. They sell what they don't have, or more than they have. You get webhosts who sell very large amounts of unlimited bandwidth, or web space. This is classic overselling.
The reason why this is bad is because you do not really know what you are getting. And you can find yourself with problems as a result. These webhosts load a lot of users onto their servers, and if your usage according to them is too high (even if you have not used all your allocated system resources you apparently pay for), then they can and often do switch off your website, and accuse you of illegally overusing their system. Worse still, they randomly block your customers’ access to the server, without you even knowing it.
We researched many webhosts, and chose the one that is the most reasonably priced and also honest about the system resources that they sell.
The lesson? When it comes to what matters, what people don’t say is almost as important as what they do say. And if you don’t know the right questions to ask, will you get the right answers? That’s why educating yourself is the most important thing you can do to create wealth.
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