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Wealth Insight 2009-07-24

Confokulation is one of the most popular ways to part people from their money.
It depends 100% on ignorance. So to succeed it must first mislead and confuse you. Then it must paralyze you and get you to give up trying to work it out. Then it must persuade you to hand the decision over to someone else who is going to make a lot of money as a result.
Confokulation mostly uses fear to get you to hand over your hard earned money.  
Fear of missing out. 
Fear of not fitting in. 
Fear of being stupid.
Fear of looking bad. 
Fear of doing the wrong thing and causing harm.
Just think of the number of TV adverts that get you scared about the germs in your house or your mouth. The adverts that make you worry that you might smell bad. The solution to all of these ‘problems’ that were created out of nothing is always the same: buy our product.
The same is true for investment and saving. In fact, it is worse, because we have been trained to believe that we would be foolish to make our own financial decisions. We should rather hand our money over to the financial institutions for peace of mind and safe growth. (Or that’s what they say – check the small print, and the results! No guarantees, no true peace of mind, and very poor growth.) 
Money seems to be very complicated. Only trained professionals understand it. The rest of us can forget it. Or so they say. I say thinking like this is the way to remain a slave. Letting it go and finding the truth is the way to freedom and happiness!
Let’s see what happens when we let strangers take the important decisions in our lives for us. Just today I read that testimony at a government committee revealed that U.S. health insurers have gone to great lengths to avoid taking responsibility for people who are ill. Apparently, they deliberately make their documents as complicated as possible to mislead people, so they can profit. Maybe you suspected it – if so, it looks like you were right!
And that’s just one example, from one day! I could find you hundreds of stories today that are actually all about confokulation. 
Here’s another one: staying with health, apparently the U.S. has the most expensive health care in the world, yet many millions still do not get the care they need. In 2001 around half of all bankruptcies were caused by medical expenses – yet three quarters of the bankrupt people were covered by medical insurance when the illness began! It didn’t help them stay solvent, though!   
Apparently, health care costs also played a big role in the bankruptcy of General Motors – so it’s not just people who are finding it a heavy load, it’s also companies!
So what’s the problem? Among other things - overprescribing, overpricing, and ignoring the many effective and cheap ways to improve health and avoid illness in the first place! Like knowing how to look after yourself. 
* But going for a run doesn’t make anyone profits. 
* Eating more vegetables cuts back on junk food profits. 
* Even gym fees are a fraction of the profits that can be made out of you if you (and your doctor) you let yourself get really sick – because you are both confokulated! 
And then there’s swine flu. Apparently, it is milder than the normal flu doing the rounds. Much milder, Less than 500 people has died worldwide. If that sounds like a lot, apparently normal flu has killed 13 000 in the U.S. this year so far, which is usual with flu. 
Excuse me – perhaps I am missing something – what is the panic about? It seems to be about making money out of scaring people, then selling them vaccines and unnecessary medication. 
The lesson? Like your finances, it really pays to learn about your health. 
As critics of the modern health system say, even giving everyone access to drugs and hospitals won’t make us well – it will just make for more profits, because that’s where the money is. 
Don’t expect clarity from the usual sources of information. Skip the glossy magazines, the newspapers and the TV – when it comes to creating abundant health, you need to go find out for yourself. You will be amazed at what you discover. 
Have a healthy, happy, unconfokulated week!
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