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Wealth Insight 2009-08-28

Would You Try And Read An Entire Library?
If you walked into a library, would you try and read every book?
No, you’d go straight to the ones you are interested in. Perhaps you’d ask a librarian for advice. You’d narrow down the choice, and then take two or three out.
There is a well-established system that can help you – the Dewey classification system – and a guide – a trained librarian. And that is why you can walk into a library and not get lost forever.
We need the same with this mega-library called the Internet. This mega-mega-mega library ... the mind boggles when you think how big the building would have to be if the information on the Internet was printed in book form!
To give you an idea ... apparently, in 2002 approximately one quintillion bytes of data were produced on the Internet. Enough to take up 37 000 truly massive libraries, libraries the size of the Library of Congress.
I’m scared to do the sum about what it might be now, seeing as it apparently doubles every three months and that was seven years ago!
And what’s a quintillion anyway? Quite frankly, I’m too terrified to find out.
It’s too much!
Clearly, without a guide and a system you are in trouble!
* Imagine walking into a library the size of an airport. A big one. Like Heathrow. Or Frankfurt
* Now imagine wandering randomly down hundreds of corridors as long as runways.
* Imagine stopping and pulling out a book at random, any book.
* Would you really expect to find the exact piece of information you need? What are the odds? It would be 1 in 0,0000000 (etc.) .... I hate to think how many 0’s there would be!
* And there are further complications. The free information you choose at random is likely to be out of date or not of great value. So the chances are now tiny.
* It reminds me of those books about the wonders of nature. They tell you on one hand how unimaginably huge the universe is, and then on the other hand how unimaginably tiny the atoms are. The universe is the Internet. The information you are looking for is an atom or two.
Is it becoming clear that without a system and a guide you are not going to get anywhere?
Next week we’ll look at your guide - the librarian!
But in the meantime why don’t look at the most incredible investment system that will help you to make the right investment decision EVERY TIME.
It is called the Formula For Riches® and you can learn more about it at www.learn-to-invest-money.com
To your wealth, health and success!
Hannes Dreyer
Wealth Mentor

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