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Wealth Insight 2009-10-16

Find more money every month!
Most information that comes our way is advertising, direct or indirect.
This is true in the schoolroom and the lecture hall.
It’s true in the doctor’s rooms and over coffee with your financial consultant.
But it’s ruinously expensive in the long run. Even if your consultant picks up the bill for the coffee!
Relying on information that comes to us, keeps us in debt
It keeps us in poor health. It keeps us tied to expensive things we believe are ‘essential’. It keeps us tied to a job.
If you look at the Formula for Riches® you will see the letters “Re” as part of the formula:
There isn’t the space to go into the formula properly here. You can read about its power in the e-book The Formula for Riches®: the difference between rich and poor. But for now, let’s take a quick look at “Re”.
 “Re” stands for responsibility
Taking the responsibility to find out the truth is part of creating wealth in a big way. It’s also part of feeling free!
You can put its power into action now by using “Re” to help you find more money every month.
How? We’re used to asking whether we can get our short term insurance at better rates. But we can look at everything the same way. Everything! Including the ‘essentials’, the things we’ve been told we cannot do without. Putting in some time and effort (also in the formula – see “nm”) will help us find ways to:
* eat healthier for less when we find out the surprising truth about what’s healthy and what’s not
* keep our pets healthier for less, in the same way
* look younger, feel better, for less
* control and improve many chronic complaints, using cheaper, healthier options
Where do we start? Anytime someone tells you, no matter who they are, that you cannot do without a certain thing, start to ask questions ...
* don’t take anyone’s word for what is best for you, especially when they make money out of it
* if the solutions come from the mainstream media (newspapers, TV, magazines) don’t stop there – keep searching
* use ingredient lists to work out what’s really in things, what you want, and what’s doing you absolutely no good
* start to substitute expensive products for alternatives that work just as well or better - but cost you a tenth or even a hundredth of the cost
Using this approach, I or people I know have:
* got an IRR of 100% or more on property investments, with immediate positive cash flow
* got growth rates on new businesses of more than 100000%  in a single day
* discovered that to retire in comfort using conventional retirement planning products, you often need to invest ALL of your monthly after tax income!
And when it comes to day to day ‘money finding’, I or people I know have ...
* found that a famous brand lip beauty product costing nearly $20 was nothing more than mineral oil and preservative (mineral oil comes from petroleum, it’s dirt cheap, your body can’t use it, it’s no good for you);
* found that a market-leading detoxification product costing even more than that, consisted mostly of two common ingredients you can buy for less than $10 at a discount pharmacy;
* found a weight loss product that can easily help you lose 20 pounds in two weeks, and keep it off, for less than $1 a day, compared with hundreds of dollars at specialized clinics who want you to believe that they are the only route you can go;
* looked at fancy dog food brands and found that the ‘magic’ ingredients that justify their incredible price tags can easily be bought in a discount pharmacy and added to a home cooked meal, for far superior nutrition at a fraction of the price;
* found more effective, safer ways to help with common chronic health issues for a fraction of the usual cost
One of the ways the Formula for Riches® works, is to free you from the costs of ignorance. This gives you a wonderful sense of freedom, plus almost immediate budget relief!
Sign up for my free 15 lesson series on debt and budgeting for more on how to start feeling free now!
Hannes Dreyer
Wealth Creators Mentor

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