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Wealth Insight 2009-12-11

The Blessing Of Exponential Growth
Say you put a drop of water into a watertight football stadium. Say that drop doubles every minute. After six minutes you’ll have a little puddle in the palm of your hand. And how much will you have after an hour?
A cupful?
A bowlful?
Neither. After an hour the stadium will be full.
Right up till the last few minutes it will be mostly empty. Then suddenly it will be full. Overflowing.
  • The same is true when you follow the Formula for Riches®. Nothing much happens – then everything happens. If you’ve had the patience to keep doing the right thing.
  • That’s because growth, real growth, is almost unnoticeable to begin with and then it explodes.
So patience is required to begin with. Keep doing the right thing. Check it against the formula and make sure you are on track. It looks like nothing happens – and then everything happens!
With exponential growth, things only really start showing late in the day. Which is why Wealth Creators need patience and education.
So when things really get going you need to be ready – not taken by surprise.
This is also why a small debt gets out of hand so quickly. Which is why I set up Warriors Against Debt to help. 
For the year ahead I wish you exponential growth of your investments, health, wealth and happiness. And I wish you success in eradicating your debt.
Hannes Dreyer
Wealth Creators Mentor
PS I published some new property articles this week - I hope you enjoy them:

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Charles Mckenzie
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Jo Moreau
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Des Werner
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