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Wealth Insight 2009-12-25

Running On Faith
This newsletter goes out on Christmas day. This is a day when Christians are reminded of their faith. So today I am going to be talking a bit about faith.
But it’s another kind of faith I’m thinking of right now. A kind of faith that has kept the material world as we know it going for nearly 40 years.
A kind of faith that gives me faith in the power of faith itself!
In 1971 Nixon unpegged the dollar from gold. That means a dollar bill is no longer exchangeable for gold. It is worth no more than the paper it is printed on. Yet people trust it.
It happened because the U.S. was printing more dollars and running out of gold to back them to the required level. The Vietnam war was expensive and the U.S. had budget deficits.
So Nixon changed the rule and said that gold would no longer be backing the dollar. Essentially the U.S. defaulted, they admitted insolvency.
Strangely enough they got away with it. It has had some very big effects. Debt. Booms. Busts.
There are problems. But the amazing thing is how well things carried on even without gold. Which tells me that the true gold is human trust and faith.
I think governments make use of these qualities in ways that are not healthy. But that doesn’t detract from their worth.

I want to honour those qualities today because they truly shine.
With trust and faith all things can be accomplished.

Imagine if we used the power of this kind of unquestioning faith for good! Imagine if we used it for something positive!

Perhaps we should think about making the year ahead a year during which we marry the truth with the power of faith for a truly new and creative way of living.
My hope for you in the coming year is that you create what you trust and believe in, in your own life.

Hannes Dreyer
Wealth Creators Mentor

PS I published some new property articles this week - I hope you enjoy them:


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