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Personal Development

Information related to all or most of the areas in your life with regards to a wealthy lifestyle

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181 Top Ten Inspirational Quotes
182 De-Stressing with Massage Therapy
183 Overcoming Insomnia through Exercise
184 Stress Tips for Single Moms
185 Speed Reading Tips and Tricks
186 Seven Simple Tips to Stay on Task
187 What is Aromatherapy?
188 Dissolving Past Pain and Moving Forward in Your Life
189 The Power of Failure
190 How to Optimize Your Nutrition to Optimize Your Body and Mind
191 Motivating Your Children to Get Things Done
192 Five Ways to Find Inspiration
193 How to Eliminate Distractions that Detract from Your Day
194 How to Boost Your Memory
195 How to Become Influential
196 How to Read Body Language
197 How to Live Simply
198 10 Tips and Tricks to Get a Good Night’s Sleep
199 Are Pets Good for Your Health?
200 Creating a Winning Attitude
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Albe Basson
Ek het baie getwyfel oor of ek die kursus moet aanpak of nie, die geld was skraps en ek sou dit sekerlik op ander maniere beter kon aangewend. Maar nadat ek ‘n paar maande uitgestel het, met net ‘n drukstuk in my dagboek-stelsel, het ek op laas oë toegeknyp en Read more...
Wealth Insight 2009-12-03 The economics of gaining weight This week I completed my 262nd lesson for my mentorship students. I wrote about something I would like to share with you, too. It’s about the economics of what you weigh. Your weight is a business matter. (Now that is a fresh way to look at it.) There’s so much I would like to say but space is limited. So here are some facts that I hope will get you thinking - You eat more when you are fatter. It takes more calories to... Read more...
Michael Janssen
Do I feel like one in a million? A resounding yes! Do I regard myself as superior to my contemporaries? No! I only think that I may be able to use my talents more productively (sometimes).   I am a hard of hearing, hands-on father of 2 Angels (2 and 4 years). I can only meaningfully communicate in a person to person basis. In group situations I am like a Read more...
Thando Makhoba
The first time I heard about the kaizen principle was in the automotive industry where I worked for a Japanese company that prides itself from continuous improvement. When I heard you talk about this in the business marketing seminar, I thought this is going to be a great challenge. I had found the mentor I was Read more...
Louis Kotze
Shjoe! Where can I start? The best place to start is to thank Christ for his mercy and at the same time for living in me and that I shouldn't see the Holy Spirit as an external force but part of me in every possible way I can Read more...