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Personal Development

Information related to all or most of the areas in your life with regards to a wealthy lifestyle

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141 Finding Peace in Chaos
142 Burnout Relief Strategies
143 6 Simple Ways to Overcome Boredom
144 7 Secrets to Anti-Aging
145 Discovering Your Inner Beauty
146 What to Do When You're Facing Sudden Job Loss
147 Achieving Balance in Your Life
148 Seven Ways to Save Money Without Sacrificing Your Lifestyle
149 Understanding the Visual Relating Style
150 Using the Law of Attraction to Boost Your Income
151 Understanding the Kinesthetic Relating Style
152 Top 5 Work Stress Relief Strategies
153 Understanding the Auditory Relating Style
154 Building Rock-Solid Friendships
155 Coping with Stressful Changes in Your Life
156 Top 5 Family Stress Relief Strategies
157 Overcoming Financial Strain
158 How to Love Unconditionally
159 The Joy of Laughter
160 Top 5 Energy Boosters
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Gerhard van der Merwe
What changes I experienced over the past 49 days.   When I started the challenge I had a daily task of opening the news first thing when I got to the office.   This made me wonder why I came back to South Africa as I was in the USA for 5 years, as everything that you read was negative. This also tends to make me negative and grumpy.   I changed this and now the first thing I do when I get to the Read more...
Wealth Insight 2009-07-03 Mindset changes everything Andrew Lloyd Webber has a song called ‘Love changes everything’. Which is true. But mindset changes everything too. Take a look at this story I was sent a while ago...  “Last year I started on a puzzle. It looked like a tough puzzle. Lots of pieces, lots of similar stuff. The background was scattered with yellow leaves. In the foreground was lots of water splashing from one side to the other. In the middle were horses,... Read more...
Piet du Preez
Sewe maal sewe = 49 dae om ‘n lewe te red… My dae was gevul met die najaag van klas 3 ervarings; soos ‘n hond wat sy eie stert jaag het ek van die Read more...
Lindsey Dallas-Orr
Each of the 49 lessons has had a message, a message of hope and encouragement, that there is a better life for each one of us if we just make the time and effort to explore those new ideas. A message of hope and enlightenment Read more...
Andries Bezuidenhout
It’s several weeks now after my 48th assignment. I waited a while longer before tendering my 400 words report back cause I really want to experience and see a bid more how my life will change. Changed it did! It’s wonderful to wake up every morning with the thought that this day will be great. The universe Read more...