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Personal Development

Information related to all or most of the areas in your life with regards to a wealthy lifestyle

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161 Discovering Your Life's Purpose
162 How to Keep Your Cool During the Financial Meltdown
163 How to Lose 5 Pounds
164 Living with a Chronic Disease
165 How to Avoid Procrastination
166 How to Augment Your Income During the Financial Crisis
167 Getting the Beach Body You Deserve
168 15 Brain Boosting Activities
169 17 Ways to Spot a Liar
170 Becoming Your Own Number 1 Fan
171 Discovering Your Life's Purpose
172 5 Simple Relaxation Tips
173 Achieving Balance in Your Life
174 10 Practical Time Saving Tips
175 10 Practical Stress Relieving Tips
176 Achieving Supreme Health with Affirmations
177 Why it's Time to Put Your Health First
178 Top Five Computer Tips to Get More Done in Less Time
179 What to Look For in a Mentor
180 Top Ten Ways to Find Peace at Home
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Marietjie Van Der Heyde
When I look back 49 days, I feel as if a miracle has happened. Read more...
Jo Goode
I have always known that I am responsible for my own destiny – if I don’t like the way my life is panning out, only I can change it;  I cannot expect anybody else to do it for me. The big question for me was how?   I had been searching for something for so long, with the feeling that if I kept on looking eventually Read more...
Riaan Van Der Walt
I have read a number of books, been on most of Dr. Hannes Dreyers courses and currently I’m on the mentors coarse (week 33) which has supplied me with a lot of tools and skills, to enable myself to reach my goals financially and my goals in other areas of my life. Read more...
Justino Ferreira
Would like to start by saying that I threw my books away in 1983 and dropped out of school end of std 8. I wanted to be like my dad and own my own fish & chip shop. Well I did buy his shop when he past on, now I have three, and in the process of getting a small distribution centre, when I get the finance or whereto supply my shops. I have also registered my cc property “FRAPI”=Ferreira Rentals and Property Investments.   The only book I read was Read more...
Theuns Vermaak
I signed up because I wanted to make sure that I did not miss out on anything that could be of value to me, and because of the title which said “Challenge”. I love challenges as well as challenging the status quo, actually, anything that Read more...