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Being Realistic Can Help Resolve Frustration

Everyone experiences frustrations at some time or the other and that is not unusual. After all, life has a habit of throwing a few nasty curves when we least expect it. One of the problems is, when we get frustrated we lash out at the people closest to us for no fault of theirs and unless we learn how to deal with these frustrations in a constructive manner we risk hurting those we care about.

Frustration is an expected reaction to experiencing any disappointment, threat, hurt or the inability to fulfill your pressing needs. Often, the way in which we react to a situation is developed from a very young age. If you observe the way you react you will often see that it is very similar to the way your mother and father responded to situations in their lives. It is the nature v/s nurture syndrome.
If the way in which you handle frustrations and negative situations currently causes problems, then it is time to make a change in the way you think and respond to these situations. Failing to do so can lead to a lot of strained relations with family, friends and colleagues. This will only lead to more frustrations down the road as you find yourself battling the very people who could have turned to for support. Imagine going to work everyday and having to battle with your peers instead of being able to work in a healthy environment. It is important that the atmosphere at home too is one of peace and contentment. It should not be one where you have to constantly be frustrated and unhappy.
Dealing with Frustration Positively
Often people respond to frustration with anger. This is a natural response. Some of the common reactions include negative behaviors such as over eating or starving, drinking too much alcohol, smoking cigarettes, or even taking to drugs. This can only make things worse as they reduce your capacity for dealing with things and that can get you only more frustrated.
Learning to express and deal with frustration in a constructive manner will require a few crucial behavioral changes.
The tips below can help you to learn to become less frustrated with every day situations and to react to frustrating situations in a more mature manner:
  •  Learn to respect others. You should learn to respect everyone, even if they think differently from you. Everyone has a right to their own thoughts and opinions. You cannot expect everyone to think like you and it is no point becoming angry and frustrated by these differences. As long as they are not hampering you in any way, let it go.
  • Understand the way you think and feel. Taking the time to discover who you truly are as a person. Do not try to be somebody else or imbibe their thoughts. As we’ve said before everybody has their own opinion and you should too.
  • Recognize what you can do something about and what you cannot. Some things that cause frustration may be out of your control. Learn to let those things go. Instead, use your energy to deal with more pressing situations and let others slide.
  • Learn how to communicate positively. It is important thatyou learn to communicate your needs confidently and respectfully without placing blame or guilt on anybody else. Do need to shout or berate. Speak clearly, firmly and positively so that you get your message across without causing any hurt feelings.
  • Learn to let go. It is important to take things as they come. No point trying to control the world o r hoping something will or will not happen. Remember “ Que Sera, Sera”? Things happen all the time. You cannot control all frustrations. Instead practice relaxation techniques to calm down.
Frustration can cause a person who is normally light-hearted to become irrational and even angry. If you allow it to control you, frustration can stunt your progress and keep you from attaining your goals. Even though you can’t completely get rid of frustration, you can control whether or not to let it affect you and how much.
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