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Fire Your Boss and Start Your Own Business

Do you ever feel like you're stuck in a rut? You wake up each morning and go to the same job, driving on the same roads, walking on the same streets, and doing the same thing day after day - and that gets pretty boring!

Do you feel unappreciated at work? You may be a hard worker but never get the true recognition you deserve from your boss and colleagues. Just once you would like your boss to pat you on the back and say, "Good job," but unfortunately that day never seems to come.
If this describes you, it may be time to fire your boss and venture out on your own. Although this may seem like a completely overwhelming move, it may not be as hard as you think!
Consider taking advantage of options like these:
1.    Become a Virtual Assistant. Being a Virtual Assistant allows you the flexibility of staying at home while managing tasks for other companies.
  • This is a great option if you enjoy computer work, managing tasks, paperwork, or customer service.
  • Though it may take a bit of time to get your VA business off the ground, virtual assistants can command a high price for their services, especially if they have technical skills.
2.    Join an MLM (Multi Level Marketing) company. These businesses are all the rage lately, but they do have their pros and cons. If you think that perhaps an MLM company is the business for you, be sure to do your research.
  • Make sure the company you decide to partner with has a good track record. You can confirm this by speaking with other representatives of the company and checking the Better Business Bureau and similar websites for more information.
  • Another fact you must be aware of is the sign up fee that can range from a few dollars to a few hundred dollars. Some companies even charge upwards of $1,000 to be a representative.
  • Many people succeed at a multi level marketing business, but countless others fail miserably. Research the details of what you'll need to do to succeed in your chosen business and ask yourself if you can do what it takes.
  • It would be in your best interest to become informed and educated about the business before you sign on the dotted line and hand over your hard-earned money.
3.    Make and sell your own crafts. Are your friends envious about the beautiful things you can make with your own two hands? Then this may be the business you're looking for! With websites such as eBay and Etsy, as well as local arts and craft shows, many people are making a substantial living selling their homemade creations.
  • Unique or one-of-a-kind items always sell at higher prices than the common ones.
4.    Become a Life Coach. This business opens up a realm of possibilities. If you enjoy listening to people and providing advice, becoming a life coach may intrigue you. A life coach provides good, solid advice to individuals relating to a particular area in their life.
  • A life coach can specialize in many different areas. For example, some coaches only deal with stay at home moms, while others help those wanting to make more money or lose weight. The options are absolutely endless.
  • You can go for training and become a certified coach at your local college or online.
  • You must promote and market yourself strongly, and it may take awhile to get the business of the ground. But if this is something that you truly hold a passion for, it can turn into an extremely lucrative endeavor.
5.    Become a Caterer. Does everyone say that no one can cook like you do? Do you get request after request for your recipes? Do you find spending time in the kitchen relaxing? Then starting a catering business may be something you'll want to explore further.
  • As in any business, it may take a bit of patience and energy to get it started, but the benefits will be well worth the energy. Make sure to call your friends and family and tell them to spread the word about your new catering business. 
  • Once you can secure your first party or event, you'll have word of mouth recommendations marketing your business for you. If cooking is your passion and you learn how to manage food costs and market your business, then you'll have no problem succeeding in this lucrative industry.
These are just a few ways to fire your boss and start your own business. Your next step is to decide where your passion lies. Decide what you enjoy doing and go from there. Beginning your own business is not easy, but with a dash of hope, dreams, patience, and hard work, you've just won half the battle!
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