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Get More Out of Life: Tips to Focus on You

Do you feel like something is missing in your life? Learning to focus on you,instead of others, may be the key you’ve been seeking!

If you find that you’re comparing yourself to others and coming up short, it's time to stop that destructive habit. Comparisons get you nowhere. Rather than leading to positive improvements, they only cause you pain and discontent.
A better choice is to focus on your own personal needs and wants. You’re a unique individual who requires a personal approach! This helps you boost your self-image because you're focused on improving yourself and not trying to beat someone else in some uncharted race.
Learning to focus on you rather than everyone else around you can be a difficult task. Too often, we’re so used to focusing on our families and friends that we don't even know how to begin the process of focusing on our own choices and decisions that determine our lives.
Follow these five tips to help you focus on fully enjoying your life:
1.    Devote one hour a day to “me time.” During this time, focus completely on yourself and the things you need or desire to feel strong, lovable and important. Reflect on what’s important to you. Dream big dreams and figure out small steps you can take to achieve them.
  • Your “me-time” can be anything you like it to be: take a relaxing bubble bath, go for a walk, take a nap, get a manicure, read a novel, or do something else. Anything that brings you pleasure simply for the sake of pleasure qualifies as me-time.
2.    Take care of your own physical, spiritual and health needs. Relying on someone else to meet your needs only leads to dependence and resentment. Don’t wait for someone else to do these things for you.
  • You have the power within you to meet your own needs and the only way you can be truly whole is to do just that.
3.    Feed you mind and body good healthy fuels. You cannot expect your mind and body to function at their best if you don’t provide them with the fuels they need to work at full capacity.
  • Feed your body good foods: fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and lean proteins. Drink plenty of water to keep your body fully hydrated.

  • Feed your mind by reading informative, well-written books, newspapers, and magazines. Choose recreational reading that builds your mind and spirit. Limit your TV watching and spend your time pursuing things that stimulate your thinking instead.

  • Play board games rather than video games. Listen to music designed to stimulate your brain waves with binary beats.
4.    Spend time each day doing something you love. No matter what your hobby is, it’s healthy to indulge in a creative pastime.
  • Gardening, painting, woodcarving and pottery are all hobbies that encourage your creativity while you use your hands to create something beautiful.
5.    Start a gratitude journal. Begin and end each day by listing five unique things you’re grateful for in your life. Before long, you’ll find that you spend more of your time dwelling on all the good things you have in the world rather than negative obstacles you might face.
  • Focusing on you helps you take the best possible care of yourself. It allows you to replenish your batteries and regain your strength so you can be fully present and engaged in the rest of your day. Use these tips to start changing your focus today, and have many happy tomorrows!
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