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How Optimism Can Help You Overcome Challenges and Reach Your Goals

All actions start as mere thoughts. When you set out to reach your goals, negative thinking pretty much ends your journey right there. You end up losing your drive, which you need in order to get anything done.  

Thinking optimistically can be the difference between easily reaching success and falling short. But how can you start thinking optimistically? There are certain actions you can take that will help you shift your core beliefs.
Try these steps in order to set yourself up for success with optimism:
1.    Expect the best. You should know your desired outcome for your ultimate goals and believe that the best case scenario can prevail. You may tend to drift into the "what if" thoughts from time to time, but you also have the power to fight them. If you catch yourself thinking this way, immediately shift your focus onto something positive.
2.    Take immediate action. Reaching your ultimate goals can be intimidating. There might be many things holding you back, including the fear of failure. But when you take immediate action, you leave no time for pessimistic thoughts to arise. You'll plough forward in a positive direction.
3.    Seek the silver lining. No doubt there will be situations that present challenges to you. You must believe that everything happens for a reason and that there's a silver lining somewhere in this challenge. Do your best to learn from the situation and then actively seek the best direction forward.
4.    Write down your thoughts. You can certainly benefit from a brain dump every now and then. Write down your thoughts, including your fears, in order to vent. Take note of your positive thoughts as well. By writing everything down, you'll gain clarity about your goals.
Worrying About Challenges
Don't waste your time worrying about the challenges at hand or ahead. Once you realize that worrying serves no purpose, you'll be better able to let them go. Chances are things will work out for the best. You need to believe this in order to achieve an optimistic attitude.
Realism will tell you that there's the possibility of failure. While that may be true, you shouldn't focus on it. Worrying about failure will not make it any easier to endure if it happens, and it can even cause you to attract that failure to you!
Worrying only hurts you in the present moment and keeps you from taking the positive action that can bring your goals to fruition.
Challenges Are Normal
When you realize that challenges are normal, they may be a tad easier to deal with. The fact is you're faced with challenges of varying degrees everyday.
You already know that life throws challenges your way, but you must believe that you can overcome these challenges! Then, you'll be able to conquer every obstacle with an optimistic attitude.
Discover What You Can Learn
There's a lesson to be learned in each challenge. Realizing the lessons you're presented with will allow you to grow as a person and learn from both your successes and failures. As you learn, you build confidence and confidence brings optimism.
Evaluate the outcome of a few different challenges your life has presented you. When you had an optimistic attitude, how did things turn out? When you had a pessimistic attitude, how did things turn out? Oftentimes your attitude alone can make a significant difference.
And remember, your attitude is your choice!
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