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How to Create Passive Income Streams Online

The economy isn't in a happy place these days, and it looks as if the recession isn't going away anytime soon. Rather than sinking in the doom and gloom, you can turn your personal finances around and generate extra income by creating passive income streams.

What is passive income and how can you create it?
There are two types of passive income: residual and leveraged. Both types become passive after some initial work, meaning once you've set up the income stream, it continues to bring you money without you having to spend all your time working for it.
Residual Income
Residual income is money made over a period of time, such as:
  • Rent from property you own
  • Commission from a client who renews an account on a yearly basis
  • Selling a book or video to accompany a class you teach
  • Creating a e-books or online products and selling it online via your blog
  • Making photos available as a stock image for various companies
  • Owning a business and hiring someone trustworthy to run it for you
These are all examples of income you set up, get running, and over time they do the heavy lifting for you. Many times, you can create passive income by delegating tasks to someone else to free up your own time for other things.
Leveraged Income
Leveraged income is when you get other people to work and create income for you. For example, you could:
  • Sell an e-book online through affiliates
  • Franchise your business out to other people
  • Build a downline in a multi-level marketing (MLM) organization and receive commission from what people below you sell
There are different ways to create leveraged income streams. The great thing is it only takes some initial effort for all of these, and then it becomes passive.
Here are some home-based passive income streams you may want to consider:
1.    eBay. Find a wholesaler you can work with and set up your own eBay store. You can buy wholesale and let the distribution company do the physical product handling and shipping. On eBay, there's a market for nearly every product you can imagine.

2.    Google Adsense. With Google Adsense, you can set up ads on your website and automatically generate income from people who click on the links in the ads.

3.    Affiliate programs. Sign up for affiliate programs for products other people create. You advertise the products on your website and through email campaigns. Most of these programs pay you commissions based on your sales.

4.    CafePress. CafePress.com is a website that sets you up an online shop of your own, selling personalized mouse pads, t-shirts, coffee mugs, and other items with graphics you create. The graphics can be a picture, cute saying, or whatever you desire. It costs you nothing to get started.

5.    Artwork. If you're a photographer, you can submit your photos to websites that sell images as stock pictures for various publications. You'll receive royalties every time your picture is sold.

6.    Blogging. If you're passionate about something, blog about it. There are always people out there who share your passion or want to learn about something new. Put some ads on the site related to your blog and you can generate a nice passive income.
Generating passive income is all about "setting it and forgetting it." Once you get the income stream set up and automated, it can involve very little further work. You may not get rich through your passive income streams, but setting these up can make a real difference in your finances.
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avatar Pieter Prinsloo
The following is not new, in fact it's well known amongst 'change managers', nevertheless, sharing this may just help someone understand the dynamics of CHANGE:
In order for change management to be effective the following five aspects needs particular attention:

1. VISION = This is what starts off an Entrepreneur - Henry Ford's vision was to put a Model-T Ford in everyone's driveway! - Without this we don't even get out of the starting blocks and CONFUSION sets in!
2. SKILLS = When VISION is present but SKILLS are in short supply a feeling of ANXIETY sets in the Entrepreneur's mind! - Henry had the SKILLS and the VISION!
3. RESOURCES = These are both financial and human resources, if these in in short supply the Entrepreneur is typically FRUSTRATED.
4. MOTIVATION = This 'ingredient' of successful companies is extremely important, without MOTIVATION the co-workers of the Entrepreneur start RESISTING cooperating, some reasons may be that the VISION has not been clearly communicated or that the co-workers feel 'left out' of the value equation of the VISION.
5. PLANNING = Without proper PLANNING the staff / workers / co-workers (and management for that matter) will just be 'GOING IN CIRCLES'.

Hope this can help someone through the challenges of managing change!

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