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How to Infuse Fun into Your Day

Whether you're busy or bored, it's always important to make time for yourself. If you take the steps to include even a little bit of fun into each day, you'll find yourself leading a much happier life overall. 

Be spontaneous or plan out your fun - there are no rules here! It may help to sit down and make a list of all your new ideas on how to bring on the fun.
Here are a few ideas for items to add to your "fun" list:
1.    Pets. Pets are a great source of relaxation and play. What kind of pet would bring you the most fun? If you already have a pet, think about activities you can do together, such as dog shows, expos, and so on.
  • Pets are known to be natural stress reducers. This is why dog owners tend to lead longer lives!
2.    Comedy. Laughing is always fun and there are many things you can add to your list when it comes to comedy. You can watch short video clips online, rent a funny movie, or go to the local comedy club.
3.    Classes. Have you always wanted to try a new hobby? Sign up for a class to get you started.
  • Grab a copy of a class schedule from your local community center. You can often find a variety of interesting classes to join at affordable prices.
4.    Socialize. Having a good time can also involve your friends and family, or even strangers! Start up a weekly game night, go bowling, spend a night on the town, or get active at your local community center or church. It's important to mix it up and keep things fresh.
5.    Adventure. If you like a good thrill, be sure to add exciting activities to your list. If you prefer to stay low key, you may want to stick to relaxing activities.
  • You might be in the mood to go rock climbing, or maybe you'd rather try a gentle yoga class. It all depends on your personality, mood, and your own idea of a good adventure.
6.    The Long Way. Take the time to do an activity the way it was originally meant to be.
  • For example, instead of driving somewhere close by, walk or ride your bike. Instead of buying a ready-made pizza crust, learn how to make your own pizza dough. The fun is in the doing!
Try Something New
Even if your list already contains new things to try, you'll want to avoid falling into a routine. Enjoyable activities can turn dull if you slip into a predictable pattern. Variety might come in the form of completely new activities or you can alternate similar activities that you already enjoy.
  • You may want to change the sport you play on Friday night or play a different board game Saturday night.
The Power of Five Extra Minutes
People often use the excuse that they don't have enough time for fun. Remember that if you're busy, you can always take a break! Even if you only have five minutes, you can still use this time to put a smile on your face. You can always find time for a little fun.
Try these ideas for infusing some quick fun into your day:
  • Plan your next day trip or evening activity.
  • Go online and read an entry from your favorite blog or joke website.
  • Have a mini meditation session to gain relaxation.
  • Grab an easy level Sudoku puzzle or other mind-boosting games.
  • Write a quick note or e-mail to a friend you haven't seen in awhile.
This is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to ideas on how to infuse fun into your day. If you stay creative and keep adding ideas to your list, you'll always have something to do. Remember: life is too short to skip out on the fun!
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