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How to Show Love and Communicate With Loved Ones

It can be difficult to show people how much they mean to you. Many of us go through life with strong feelings about the people in our lives but we never express those emotions clearly. Yet, having meaningful relationships actually requires that we know how to show our love and affection.

Learning How to Communicate With Your Partner
Showing your emotions can be easier when you give yourself permission to start sharing how you feel with the people around you.
You can start small – laughing when you want to laugh, hugging someone when you want to hug, or holding hands when you want to be close to the other person.
It’s a good idea to start slow in order to build a strong foundation built on trust and respect. Without building trust and respect, you can’t feel comfortable to share your love or deepest thoughts.
  • If you didn’t grow up in a family where these skills were encouraged, give yourself some time to get used to communicating and emoting.
If you have practiced this first step but still have a hard time showing love and communicating confidently, you may want to consider trying positive affirmations about communication and relationships. Affirmations are statements you can use to change the way you think and behave.
Another way to look at it is that affirmations are positive statements that activate your mind to accomplish great things. If you tell yourself each day, "Communicating my feelings is important," for example, you give yourself permission to communicate how you feel about others.
Another affirmation that gives you permission to show your love and affection for others is: "Communication is the master key that I use to open the door to happiness."
  • Words have power. You can harness the power of words to change your life and relationships in a positive manner.
You can learn how to show love and communicate with loved ones by actively using affirmations in your life. Affirmations can help you give yourself permission to share your feelings and love. This will allow you to experience much more fulfilling and positive relationships.
  • Affirmations can also help you reprogram your mind with positive thoughts. Use these thoughts to focus on – and achieve – your goals and replace negative thoughts.
Even though affirmations take some practice and may take some time before you begin to feel the full effect, you can make drastic changes to your behavior by repeating affirmations that encapsulate your belief system. Repeat and reflect on them every day and you’ll soon notice a difference.
Yes! Affirmations really can make a difference in your life and the lives of others. How? Well, what you think affects how you feel, which affects what you do with your life. The more positive you think and feel about yourself and your relationships, the more positive events and situations you’ll experience in that relationship.
These changes will not only be obvious to you, but also to your friends and family. If you make these affirmations part of your daily life, you’ll find that expressing love and communicating your feelings will be easier. You’ll also be happy to discover that the love you express will be returned to you!
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