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Keep Yourself Motivated Through the Lowdowns

Ever experienced the blahs, the blues, the doldrums, or the lazy days when you just want to hibernate and not move? When you just don’t seem to have the energy to rise and smile at life? If these are familiar to you, don’t worry: you are not alone. Many people experience lack of motivation but get through them with ease. You can, too, via some motivation techniques.

Likewise, the greatest discoveries and inventions could not have been performed without proper and strong motivation to find the answers to certain questions, so it can help you achieve objectives, reach goals, accomplish endeavors and generally enjoy life as it is, without too much stress on your part. It therefore pays to keep yourself motivated through the lowdowns of life.
Staying Motivated
Keep yourself healthy. Eat good balanced diet and minimize on processed foods. Exercise to eliminate the toxins in your blood; do not abuse your body with alcohol, nicotine and drugs. Sleep well and enough, and do not overstrain yourself. A good body keeps a good mind, and high energy levels will keep you optimally motivated to do what you want or need to do.
Review your accomplishments. Not for an ego trip, but just to remind you that if you can achieve those goals, you accomplish these new endeavors as well. A little self pep talk can do wonders to motivate you to do your best.
Look from the other end. Reflect on the question: What would I be had I not pushed myself to do what I thought I cannot or hate to do? Without motivation to do things, you’d probably still be a babe who never learned to walk, talk, smile and grow. Your house will be dirty, so will be your clothes, and there’s nothing to eat. While you would not have done anything wrong, you will not have done anything right. Without motivation, you will not know where to go and how to get there so you’ll end up nowhere. So what’s life for, then?
Actually, it is the valleys that make the mountains high, the failures that make triumphs sweet, the setbacks that ennoble progress. Without the highs and lows, life will be a bore. The trick is to live up the highs and live down the lows. Motivation can help you there.
Affirm your Motivations
On blue days when you’d rather toast in your bed, take out and imbibe your motivational affirmations to rouse yourself from your torpor. Seek the appropriate quotation to remind you of your quest and you can re-motivate yourself to top energy.
Affirmations are positive inspirational statements for personal spiritual, motivational or psychic growth or healing. They are often repeated throughout the day to effect mood changes or modify psychic states in efforts to re-channel or recharge energy to more desirable avenues or levels. Most neophyte salesmen use motivational affirmations to get them through numerous refusals before making a sale, or to increase their rate of success.
One very good motivational affirmation is the Biblical quotation, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”, found in Philippians 4:13. It states one can achieve what he has in mind with enough faith in himself and his God.
Staying motivated is not very difficult. All it takes is some determination to stay on course no matter what, sufficient belief of what one can do, and some anticipation of the rewards of success.
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