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Speed Reading Tips and Tricks

Speed reading is a much sought after skill that enables you to boost your reading speed, while also improving your comprehension. 

Speed reading strengthens your ability to read any style of writing while still understanding the intended and deeper meaning.
For example, when speed reading, you'll be able to skim right over the less vital pieces of information and pick out the sections which are more important far quicker than by using traditional reading techniques.
Whether you're already a fast reader or not, once you start training yourself to speed read, you'll notice your reading rate and retention will vastly improve over time.
Just like anything else, when learning how to read more quickly, you can't expect to read faster overnight. To learn how to use this skill properly requires time, effort and practice. You'll need to work at speed reading every day in order to become proficient.
Here are some effective techniques you can use to teach yourself to speed read:
1.    Time yourself. When you first begin, time your current reading pace so you'll have a baseline that you can use for comparisons. Time yourself often when reading to see your growing improvement.

2.    Practice improving your speed. Try and force yourself to read a little faster each time you pick up the material. You can do this by skipping over common words like the, to, from, and, etc.

3.    Read each and every day. If you only read when you feel like it, you can't possibly improve. Work a little bit each day, otherwise you may find yourself having to backtrack and relearn skills all over again.
  • Go to the library and grab plenty of books to practice with.
  • Take time each day to sit down and practice quickly reading a chapter or two, then test your retention by paraphrasing what you read.
4.    Learn good reading habits. Work to break yourself of habits that slow your reading down, such as sub-vocalizing words, which is pronouncing words to yourself or moving your lips when reading. Be sure you're only saying the words in your head.

5.    Read with your hand. Moving your hand down the page helps guide your eyes quickly through the material.
6.    Avoid re-reading. Practice taking away understanding of your material the first time you read it.
  • You can skim through the information from time to time if needed, but avoid re-reading it in depth if you don't have to.
7.    Read in blocks of words. Instead of reading words letter by letter or the information word by word, interpret the author's ideas in blocks of words.

8.    Avoid distractions. Interruptions can interfere with your capability and cause confusion.
  • You may want to try reading in the morning or before you go to sleep, when there are likely to be fewer distractions.
Before you can speed read, you first have to make the commitment to continually refine your skills. Practicing speed reading will help you improve your reading, writing and comprehension. As you strengthen your speed reading skills, you'll soon find that you enjoy reading and learning new things more than ever!
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