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Starting with Yoga

Getting started with Yoga can be fun, and it’s not as hard as you might expect! You can start with the basics and progress to different types of Yoga to discover which style fits your needs the best.

How do you get started with Yoga?
What are the various forms of Yoga?
In this article, you’ll learn the answers to these questions so that you can start enjoying the benefits of Yoga in your life.
Here are five things to consider before jumping in:
1.    Buy a good Yoga mat. If you’re unsure which mat is a good one, ask your local sports equipment store for help. You may also need some other supplies, like Yoga straps or blocks, as your routine grows more intense.
2.    Do you prefer to exercise alone or do you enjoy group interaction? Think about whether you prefer a group environment or if you feel more comfortable buying a DVD to work out at home.
3.    Check what’s available in your area. If you decide to seek out a Yoga class, call your local fitness and community centers. Many such places include Yoga classes that are perfect for beginners.
4.    Wear the proper clothing. Wear comfortable and loose fitting clothes, but steer clear of overly baggy ones. Leggings and a T-shirt are good for women. Men can wear sporty, jogging-type pants.
5.    Be open-minded about Yoga. Yoga is not only about exercising your body but also helping your mind become in tune with your body. It also focuses on using every muscle and joint to improve flexibility and awareness.
Types of Yoga
There are several types of Yoga. Let’s take a look at just a few of them and what they entail. You can learn more about the different types by doing some research on the ones you feel you’d most enjoy.
  • Hatha classes will teach you the basics of Yoga.
  • Vinyasa includes the basics, but follows a more vigorous routine.
  • Ashtanga and Power Yoga are faster paced variants.
  • Iyengar is more focused on body alignment and specific areas of the body
  • Kundalini While all Yoga includes good breathing techniques, Kundalini focuses a lot on breathing with movement.
  • Bikram (Hot) Yoga is practiced in a 95-100 degree room so you can sweat and loosen tight muscles.
Keys to Starting Yoga Successfully
1.    Don’t push yourself too hard. Your instructor should tell you this, so pay attention to their message. You shouldn’t feel pain when doing Yoga. Take caution to avoid overdoing it.
2.    Focus, focus, focus! Breathing is an integral part of any Yoga workout. Although it might be hard at first, focus your efforts on the breathing techniques.

Eventually these will become a habit and you won’t need to think about how to breathe correctly, but until you get to that point, make a concerted effort to breathe properly.
3.    Intimidation isn’t a factor. Don’t feel intimidated if you can’t do all the poses correctly. In time, you’ll begin to strengthen the muscles you need. Just like anything else, it takes practice to master Yoga.
4.    Keep a regular routine. Yoga works best when performed at regular intervals. Keep up with your workouts to reap the benefits. Consistency is the key when it comes to Yoga or any workout.
5.    Use a buddy system. If you find it hard to stick to a good Yoga plan, enlist the help of a friend who may be looking at Yoga as well. Having a buddy join you at your Yoga classes can be much more fun.
When you decide it’s time to get started with Yoga, stick to the basics, start slowly and don’t fret if you can’t do everything correctly from the get-go. Yoga is a rewarding and helpful way to turn your body, mind, and spirit into one healthy and happy unit.
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