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Home Personal Development The Art of Effective Communication: Getting Across Your Message to Your Boss

The Art of Effective Communication: Getting Across Your Message to Your Boss

One of the most nerve-wracking experiences you may run into is getting ready to speak to your employer. It may be about an assessment, advancement, wage increase, colleague issue, or any number of matters.

Talking to your employer can be unnerving for most people, even if they are on casual terms with their boss. Are afraid that your employer will think differently of you or believe that you are inconsiderate or covetous or are you just simply scared of authority? Irrespective of why you are nervous or how nervous you are. The fact is you can only hope to achieve what you want if you let your employer know your thoughts. If you don't talk to your employer, they will never know that you have a problem or what your aims and ambitions are.
Here are 7 outstanding hints to get your message across to your employer:
1.    Compose your message
Make notes of the vital points. If it’s a wage increase, explain why you think you’ve earned it. Without a list you are likely to forget something important and you would have blown your chance. Having a list will also help you stay focused on the task at hand. A list will remind you of what you wanted to discuss no matter whether you are anxious or not.
2.    Make a prior appointment
Your boss is likely to have several appointments scheduled throughout the day. These will be either with other top brass of the company or with other related issued. Without an appointment you could be waiting forever. Besides, your boss will recognize that you have something of importance that you have to and is more likely to take you seriously.
3.    Establish eye contact
Looking someone in the eyes establishes that you're surefooted and earnest. It depicts, without a swelled head, that you're cognizant of your importance to the company and also that you recognize what you deserve. Eye contact is a useful skill for any business interaction. Often the key to getting what you want is based on how confident you are and eye contact conveys confidence.
4.    Don’t be over friendly
You may be friendly with your superior, but the reason for the meeting is to talk about a formal matter and it is not to be nonchalantly brushed aside. Be earnest from the get-go until you finish. Handling yourself in a professional manner, despite your closeness with your boss will convey how important this meeting is to you.
5.    Prepare yourself for the Outcome
Just because you think you’ve got a point does not mean that your boss has to necessarily see it your way. Maybe he will, but then, maybe he won’t. Be braced for any imaginable result so that you're not in for a major disappointment. Going in there feeling over confident that you are surely going to get your way will leave you feeling very disappointed. On the other hand, expecting to be turned down will just make you even more nervous.
6.    Recognize your boundaries
On the other hand, your superior might actually be prepared to give you at least close to what you ask for. Be prepared for a compromise. You should know what you will and won't consent to in advance. Your boss may decide it is worth giving in to some of your requests if you can agree to certain things. But sometimes the trade off may just not be worth it. Do not just agree to anything without weighing the pros and cons. Understanding your boundaries will allow you to better control the situation.
7.    Get ready to take some tough action
If you find yourself in a position wherein you have your back to the wall get ready to call your boss’s bluff even if it means putting in your resignation papers. Perhaps it is a sign that it may be time for you to move on anyway. Many times we try hard for something that was not really meant to be. Remember the saying, “Some things just happen for the best.” If your boss is not ready to listen to what you have to say, it may be best for you to look for a better opportunity elsewhere.
Knowing how to get across to your superior will get you closer to your goal of getting what you want. At least it gives you a higher change of being able to put your point across and hoping your employer sees it your way. If you are unprepared you can never be able to express yourself well enough.
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