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Home Reflections I let go of my tendency to expect perfectionism from myself.

I let go of my tendency to expect perfectionism from myself.

I realize that, as a human, there is no way that I can be absolutely perfect. Expecting myself to be perfect is a lesson in frustration that I can do without!

 Therefore, I set my goals for more realistic expectations and set myself up for success, instead. When I set a goal, I divide it into a series of tasks that I know are attainable. Each task I accomplish puts me one step closer to my goal, so I can feel successful all along the way.
Letting go of perfection reduces my stress. When I try to do something perfectly, every little imperfection irritates me. I acknowledge that I can do a great job without everything having to be absolutely ideal.
Trying to be perfect wastes my time. I could be completing other tasks or doing something I really like to do. When I look at it this way, I wonder how I could have ever spent my time in the endless pursuit of perfection!
My confidence and self-esteem rise with the realization that I am good without being perfect.
I can now see the illogic in expecting myself to be perfect. It would be like expecting a tree to get up and walk or a pig to fly! Trees are not created to walk; pigs do not have the ability to fly; and humans are simply not made to be impeccable!
Today, I strive to accept myself as the wonderful person that I am without expecting perfection.
Self-Reflection Questions:
1.    Do I ever find myself spending forever on a task, trying to get it just right?
2.    When have I received accolades for a job well done - even though it wasn't perfect?
3.    How can letting go of perfection improve my life?

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