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Home Reflections I let go of my tendency to expect perfectionism from myself.

I let go of my tendency to expect perfectionism from myself.

I realize that, as a human, there is no way that I can be absolutely perfect. Expecting myself to be perfect is a lesson in frustration that I can do without!

 Therefore, I set my goals for more realistic expectations and set myself up for success, instead. When I set a goal, I divide it into a series of tasks that I know are attainable. Each task I accomplish puts me one step closer to my goal, so I can feel successful all along the way.
Letting go of perfection reduces my stress. When I try to do something perfectly, every little imperfection irritates me. I acknowledge that I can do a great job without everything having to be absolutely ideal.
Trying to be perfect wastes my time. I could be completing other tasks or doing something I really like to do. When I look at it this way, I wonder how I could have ever spent my time in the endless pursuit of perfection!
My confidence and self-esteem rise with the realization that I am good without being perfect.
I can now see the illogic in expecting myself to be perfect. It would be like expecting a tree to get up and walk or a pig to fly! Trees are not created to walk; pigs do not have the ability to fly; and humans are simply not made to be impeccable!
Today, I strive to accept myself as the wonderful person that I am without expecting perfection.
Self-Reflection Questions:
1.    Do I ever find myself spending forever on a task, trying to get it just right?
2.    When have I received accolades for a job well done - even though it wasn't perfect?
3.    How can letting go of perfection improve my life?

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Gerrit Geyser
During this challenge, I have experienced the most personal development in my life over the shortest period of time. It has meant the world to me. Doing a bit of quiet time every day made the big difference.   My approach to life changed a lot. I treasure my quiet time and I see the value in it more and more. I do not go to the office before Read more...
Deborah Cooper
Wow, what an incredible journey!  I started the challenge during a very busy time in my life, but I decided to start when I received the email about it instead of putting it off until a ‘quieter’ time because there probably would never be a ‘quieter’ time and I didn’t want Read more...
Charl Taljaard
Ek is nou net oor die vyftig en was totdusver min of meer tevrede met my lewe. Ek het 'n wonderlike vrou en drie pragtige dogters. Verder het ek 'n goeie werk wat my darem so nou en dan stimuleer en die pot aan die kook hou. Daar kom egter ook dae wat ek teen Read more...
Gerhard Hattingh
My biggest challenge during the Kaizen Challenge was doing the challenge and completing it. I am a pilot (ex-helicopter pilot and again in the future) and no two days in a row are the same. I never go to bed at the same time due to different flight schedules (one day getting up at 03:45 to start work at 04:45 and going to bed the next day at midnight due to a late landing. Then next week I am doing an international flight Read more...
Ineke Prinsloo
Hannes, enjoying the academic learning process, I came to your property course expecting only a theoretical background to help me spring forward. Well, I was pleasantly surprised to find more than just the help for the 'effect' and discovered a spiritual journey, or rather the beginning of a spiritual journey that I have taken for granted in the 'noise' Read more...