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Home Reflections In the game of Twister, those who are more flexible win and I choose to be a winner.

In the game of Twister, those who are more flexible win and I choose to be a winner.

Life is like a game of Twister. The more flexible I am, the better I can overcome challenges and succeed!

By being flexible, I can be productive without being overworked. If I wish to break away from tasks on my to-do list to pursue an opportunity, I can! The extra time I allot in my schedule allows me to be flexible at will.
When I am working hard toward my goal and a challenge arises, being flexible enables me to take a step back and seek effective solutions. I can find a way to solve my problems, side step it, or choose a new path.
At times, choosing a new path gets me to my goal even sooner than my original one! This is precisely why I choose to be flexible with my plans.
Being adaptable also helps me in my relationships. Every relationship requires some give and take. When I am flexible, I help my relationships thrive.
Flexibility can even reduce my stress. It helps me get along better with others, thus averting many stressful situations. Rather than increasing my stress by worrying about something, I can be flexible, take new action, and focus on moving forward in any situation.
Today, I strive to be flexible like the tree that bends in the wind but is still there, as majestic as always, after the storm.
Self-Reflection Questions:
1.    How can I make my schedule more flexible?
2.    How can I be more flexible in my relationships?
3.    Can I discover a solution to a current challenge by being more flexible?


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