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Home Reflections Obstacles do not faze me.

Obstacles do not faze me.

I realize that anything worth doing comes with its own challenges. I accept this as a normal part of life. Therefore, when obstacles present themselves, I calmly seek the best solution and take decisive action to overcome them. 

I use my critical thinking skills to step back from the problem and see it from all angles. I take all solutions into consideration to enable me to make the wisest decision.
I use my creativity to think outside the box. Sometimes an issue can be simply sidestepped so I can move on. Other times, the challenge must be dealt with head-on before I can move forward.
My optimistic attitude also steps in to provide me with workable solutions. Almost every challenge comes with a benefit. When I allow myself to see it, I often realize that the issue serves a purpose after all.
It either brings me new knowledge that ultimately helps me reach my goal, or it brings a solution that gets me there quicker and easier than I had originally planned.
Whatever the challenge, I feel that it must be there for a reason. It is up to me to discover why and make the best of the moment. So I confidently step up to the plate, ready for action.
Today, I plan to find the benefits hidden in my challenges and use my skills to overcome the issues with ease and confidence, knowing that they are just bumps in the road to success.
Self-Reflection Questions:
1.    Do I let obstacles in my path stop me from pursuing my goals?
2.    What successes have I had in overcoming challenges?
3.    What benefits have I found in some of my past challenges?

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Dewald Rossouw
Before the challenge I am currently an employee, as my father is, as most people are I suppose, but with a difference. I have been looking for change for a while, because I realized that somewhere in my life there is obviously something missing. This cannot be it, receiving Read more...
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Michael Gwabeni
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Mpho Mokobi
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