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Home Reflections The cool winds of change embrace me and gently push me into a new direction.

The cool winds of change embrace me and gently push me into a new direction.

Just like the breeze on a hot day, change is refreshing. It breaks the stillness of complacency and reminds me to get going. I welcome change into my life and look forward to the new adventures it brings.

As I grow and learn, I change and incorporate the new knowledge into my life. How I react to something today may not be the same way I might have yesterday, because in that day I had new experiences and learned new things. These changes are good because they reflect my new knowledge.
Change sometimes brings me the desire and incentive to break bad habits and form good ones. Because I am open to change in my life, I can take advantage of them for self-improvement.
In my career, change moves me forward to seek new goals and new opportunities.
Change brings new relationships and love into my life. All the people I know, love, and cherish arrived in my life due to changes, both within me and outside of me. Every new person I meet brings welcome changes in their own unique way.
Change also makes it possible for me to live the life of my dreams. Unless I want every detail of my life to remain as it is - to never move an inch forward to greater fulfillment - I know I must embrace change in my life.
Change is good! I release any tendency to resist it and let go of fears that may hold me back from accepting it.
Today, I choose to welcome change with open arms and anticipate with joy what may come.
Self-Reflection Questions:
1.    Do I tend to resist change?
2.    How have recent changes enhanced my life?
3.    What can I look forward to because of upcoming changes?


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