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Adele Dreyer

One thing that I realized is that this challenge will never stop for me. Up to now it has been very exhilarating and I know that a new day is dawning. My thought process has developed and improved tremendously, I’m able to actually listen to people and it is incredible how much negativity there are out there and the worst is that I can see people thrive for it, as Julius Ceasar said " Lend me your ears" it seems that the human race is queuing to do this and all bad news puts them on a high as this is then all they can speak about.

I've started to shut myself off when I'm in this kind of company where people have nothing good to say about anything, unfortunately as you say society blames everyone but themselves and this is so true. I have made it one of my daily goals not to blame but to rather do some soul searching and it really has been working well for me especially as it is guiding me in teaching my son the same principles. I've learnt that taking responsibility for my own life in a holistic manner will set me free.

I've taken a more pro-active and more positive attitude towards my finances and have been cutting down on all unnecessary spending, it's of course not been easy but I do it on a daily basis and keep a constant eye on it, something that I usually could easily turn a blind eye to.
As I said in the beginning that my thought process has improved, I find as a matter of fact that I'm slowly but surely starting to change my thought patterns. I've gotten into a morning ritual where I continuously repeat positive affirmations to myself, where I actually think in the now and this process has started to manifest in my mindset as I talk to myself about everything that is wonderful and what I have and not like in the past where I was living for the future, the want. This is also where my believe system is changing. My programming was the typical old school program where for example hard work is required to achieve better things in life, or the rich is exclusive and not meant for everyone to be.
My whole life up until the Kaizen challenge was about comparing myself to others, am I good enough for this or that person as a friend or not, will they like me, will I fit in? I often felt that keeping quiet and not giving my opinion in discussions was better than to say something that might be offensive or totally irrelevant. With this challenge and doing a lot of reading and soul searching I now know that it is the "I" that is important in life. I have nothing to prove to anyone, I come first. This is however one challenge that I know is going to take a lot of work and time, finding my true self and being that and that person only.
I think though that this is where meditation will be a great help. This is another process that I've been doing a lot of research and reading on as I do find my thoughts can sometimes easily stray during meditation, but it is something I am determined to accomplish as I know it is of great value to me in many ways.
Visualization has also become part of my daily program, not as much as I would like it to be yet, but I am determined to also put greater effort into this and improve on it on a daily basis.
From tomorrow I shall restart and work through this whole course again as I feel that it is my inspiration for the day and has significant value for my transformation process. This will stay part of my daily goal and program as I think that it will definitely help me in achieving my long-term goals.
With this challenge I can definitely say that my life is taking a turn for the better, I am more organized and have a routine which gives structure to my day. This has also not been easy but I already see the benefits I reap from it.
My dream is definitely one of abundance in spirit and materialistic so that I can give as much as I can back to society where it is really needed.(eg, the homeless children and lonely elderly, the blind and deaf) all that can benefit( God's Creations).
Dr Hannes Dreyer you have become my role model, the passion and positive vibration you exhibit is so infectious. I would like to thank you for teaching and showing us that life really is a never ending rainbow of prosperity, love and freedom that can be had by anyone and everyone.
I've been struggling with my faith and believes for a very long time now and I know it is because of outside influences that I allowed to infiltrate my whole being, but in the same time there was a little voice ( my subconscious) always saying to me there is a way out, find it, and I have Found it at long last. I went to your property course in 2004, when I left I felt very enthusiastic and energetic but my vibrations were negative and I fell back not knowing where to start, but since that day though something (my subconscious) kept on nagging me and I just knew it had something to do with this course, as time went by I one day came upon your website again and I started ordering more of your courses, when I went to your debt seminar evening earlier in the year and you announced the Kaizen Wealth Challenge my subconscious nagged at me again and I realized that this was meant to happen. With this challenge so many of my questions and doubts have been answered, I've just been looking in the wrong places and allowed myself to be controlled by the outside.
If there is one big thing for me that I take away from this challenge then surely it is (and it is a lifetime goal) that I take responsibility and control of my own life. I shall teach my seven year old son this same goal.
Once again thank you for being who you are and I shall endeavor to become the best that I can and will be as this is the motivation you have given me.


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