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Albert van Leeuwen

First of all, I would like to thank you for the opportunity that you have created for me to improve my life. Looking back now it is really difficult for me to think of the person that I was 50 days ago, compared to the way that I think now. I would like to think that there has been monumental changes in me, but I am hesitant to proclaim them - I am hoping that time will prove the transformation to be permanent.

My greatest difficulty with the challenge was that I did not have Internet access at home. I had to catch up on Mondays to stay on track. It also took me some time to figure out how the website functioned. You will notice that I didn’t enter any achievements for my goals on the first couple of days – Instead I clicked on “Update plan” and entered my achievements in a different colour.
Time was a bit of a factor. Although I did manage to read each and every lesson, it was sometimes difficulty to make time at work to do it. I was a little bit scared that I was going to get behind with my work by spending an hour each day reading and writing my goals. I hindsight I can say that I probably managed to do my work more effectively than I would have otherwise. My desk would probably still look like a train smash if didn’t make it a goal to clean it up.
I was sometimes lazy as well. This was probably the most difficult obstacle in my way. Making a choice between Japa and playing on my computer after a days work is not a very easy one! Sometimes I succeeded, sometimes I didn’t – hence the amount of orange buttons left after being done with the challenge. At least I have never cheated and claimed that I completed a goal when I failed to do so.
Finally, it was difficult for me to distinguish between the different areas – relationship, financial, body, mind and spiritual. Especially the spiritual and mind goals seemed to overlap – is Japa more spiritual or is it a mental exercise? And is the Muay Thai classes more a body goal even though it is training for the mind as well?
Overcoming procrastination is surely no little thing (especially for a person like me)! I have meditated on and off, started and stopped with the mentorship and I have been feeling generally frustrated with my life. Now things are starting to make sense to me for the first time. It is very true that I felt that I have been doing wealth creation courses without getting anywhere. Now I feel that my life is finally getting on track. Your courses have facilitated three major breakthroughs in my life – Japa meditation, fire walking and now the completion of this challenge.
I have started to pray again for the first time in 15 years. I think that is enough said.
I really want to accomplish my goals and I believe for the first time that I am capable of doing so. It is no longer a distant, vague dream – I understand now how I have to apply my mind. It also helped quite a lot to order and watch the DVD courses (Property and Advanced), I couldn’t believe how much I have forgotten since the Property Workshop.
I monitor my mouth closely now. I watch what goes out (words) and what goes in (food and drink). I eat a fruit every day at work, something I would never dreamed to have done before. I have also limited my alcohol intake.
Update – Two months after the completion of the Kaizen Challenge
I created a spreadsheet that maps out my daily goals and activities. I use this spreadsheet almost on a daily basis (sometimes it goes a bit hectic and I slip up). I have also worked through the Challenge a second time and I updated and upgraded my goals where it fell a bit short the first time. I think that the habits created during the Challenge will stick.

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