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Andre Quinlan

I have experienced minor but nevertheless profound changes over the past 7 weeks of the challenge. The main item I noticed was the importance of doing things every day in all the main areas of life. I probably neglected some areas before the challenge, certainly not giving enough attention to the relationships aspect, and I now contact friends and family much more often that I used to do, and it is very rewarding in many ways.

As far as the spiritual aspect is concerned, I have attended the School of Practical Philosophy for the last 15 years and have meditated twice per day for 30 minutes for most of those years, but I did not appreciate or question much of what we were doing, so that has also changed.
Regarding the physical aspect of life, I have gone to the gym on average 4 times a week for the last 15 years, but have found it a Class 2 rather than a Class 1 experience, because of a mindset. I have now changed my mindset (after your comments about doing so) and it has started working. I have also put off losing weight, having been unsuccessful for many years, but have again started dieting – only the last 10 days or so, and have lost about 1.6 kg (of my target of 20 kg), and best of all, I have started feeling great for the first time in many years – definitely a Class 1 experience if there ever was one.
As far as the financial aspect is concerned, my wife Sally and I attended your course and bought the CD/DVD’s on property investment. A number of things soon fell into place. I relocated to Johannesburg for work purposes since the money was better. When it became apparent that the new Credit Act was going to affect potential property purchases adversely, I spoke to Sally and we decided to use the window of opportunity in June before the Act came into effect. We had bought a house in Edenvale for our own use – but, it did have potential for letting out of 2 rooms, and converting the servants quarters and one (of three) garages into a flat. This conversion has been done and we have rented it out for R3500 per month for over a month now. We are in the process of renting out the other 2 rooms, one outside near the pool, and another inside the house, and fully expect these to be taken up by the end of the month, after a few small improvements are finished.
 In June Sally’s extended family were renting a very large property in Pinetown, which they used for business and for residential purposes, and had sublet part of it. It has three 3-bedroom flats, and a 3-bedroom house, and 4 garages. The landlord was in financial difficulty, and wanted to sell. I suggested to Sally that she put in an offer, which was accepted, and her family now pay the bond and rates and services in full, and are happy to do so, and we expect to pay off the property in about 6 years and eventually put it into a family trust for all of them and us.
The last purchase was another house in Edenvale, with three bedrooms, two bathrooms (one en-suite) and two garages. At the back is a garage and servants quarters combined in one long building, which we saw was very suitable for converting into two rooms each with an en-suite bathroom). 
You may find the background to this purchase interesting. While Sally and I were still living in Pinetown and I was commuting from Richards Bay on weekends, we went to a retirement home (linked to a Church) nearby to ask if Sally’s mother could live there. Five ladies shared this 5-bedroom, 2-bathroom house, and told us this was a very happy arrangement. We had just completed your property course and this started us thinking – although some months later – in June.
After I moved to Johannesburg with a new job, we spent every weekend alternately looking in both Pinetown and Edenvale for a suitable property to purchase, and to get some idea of prices and rentals. On those weekends where I was alone in Johannesburg, I would log onto the website and look for properties under repossession (and auction – but I soon realized this was not really the way to go). I spent many a Saturday and Sunday knocking on doors and feeling the pain of rejection. By the time I reached them, most sellers (?) had reached a settlement with the banks lawyers and were not interested in selling. 
I soon had enough of this and probably gave up too soon, but I was learning all the time, and Sally and I discussed how we could possibly buy a property on the open market, and make it viable. This, in retrospect was probably a mistake, and we realize it now, but let me finish the saga, and maybe you could advise us?
We decided to buy the 2nd house in Edenvale, and decided we would let it to 3 ladies - and eventually 5 when the modifications to the garage/servants quarters were complete. We advertised in the local Caxton papers and had a very lukewarm response, and no takers. We then decided to lower the minimum age from 60 to 40, or even 30, and are currently in the process of painting the exterior and will advertise for tenants to share this commune (?) in about a week’s time. We are hopeful that we will let it out this time, or possibly run it as a B & B if this idea is not successful….
As far as the Mind/Spiritual aspects of our lives are concerned, we attend the Philosophy School lectures once a week, and then do a second line (service) duty another evening. We are participating in the some activities, Sally is particularly interested in Sansktrit, and myself in Law and Economics. With some outside reading and your mentorship course, and getting our houses in order, we find that we seldom have any spare time when we are not doing anything. We both read newspapers very seldom, and try to question conventional wisdom, as you continuously remind us.
On our average day during the week, starts when we get up at 4 am, do our ablutions, and meditate from 04h30 to 05h00. We then go to the gym and work out for at least 30 minutes, then home, shower, breakfast, and I leave for work at 06h15 to miss the traffic, work 10 hours, and usually am home at about 18h00. On Mondays we do our service duty at the School (from 19h30 to 22h00) and then attend the lecture on Tuesdays for the same times.   On Wednesday evening I attend the Overeaters Anonymous meeting in Rosebank (17h30 to 19h00) and then go home for supper.
We are at present channeling all out efforts into getting our second house renovated and let during this month. The Kaizen principles, of doing something every day, no matter how small or insignificant at the time, are a part of our lives now, and we intend to follow them for the rest of our lives. 
I had neglected to follow up on the mentoring course because of the upheaval of changing towns, jobs and homes over the last 6 months, and am now trying to get ahead and eventually up to date. We are looking forward to learning all about trusts.
The qualities that one needs are the same as required for living a life to the full – a daily discipline, the knowledge that one is doing one’s best and that if it is in accordance with the wishes of the Higher Power it will succeed. The knowledge required one accumulates in various ways (such as the mentoring course, and the study of the sages), and it helps if one spend s one’s available time in good company as far as possible.
The ongoing challenge is to keep going and not falter. Most of my family and friends have no idea that there is another world available, in the mind, and often do not understand. It seems that good habits, followed day after day are most helpful in keeping one on track, and it does help if you stay in the present (wide awake) at all times.
 The most wonderful thing about the mentoring course, the Powermorphing course, and the other opportunities you have offered us, is the realization that there is great potential for growth out there, and it makes no sense to just wait for it to happen without taking some action, after acquiring the correct knowledge. 
As part of the goal setting exercise, both Sally and I have set financial targets, and property features prominently in them.   We both have decided to purchase at least ten properties in the next 3 years. Sally would eventually like to own and run a B&B having at least a dozen rooms, and to manage the other properties we do have.
I would like to start and run 2 businesses of my own. One idea I have had for a long time is to make custom shoes for people who find mass-produced items don’t fit. I have done a great deal of research over the years, and probably have enough to start doing something this year. Now that I have a home and a settled family life, I have made it my target to make some shoes myself this year and to start the business, in some small way next year. I will probably need to wean myself from the job I have, in mining construction, in spite of it being very well paid, but I realize that it will never provide a passive income of any significance, and must get out before 2010.
 Have no idea what the second business would be, but am confident that something will materialize if I want it badly enough.

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