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Andrew Jordan

The Kaizen Challenge has had an impact on me in a number of ways. By believing in the universal power of thought and the connection of minds in the spiritual world, great achievements can be accomplished for benefit of mankind. By submitting your positive thoughts through meditation to the supreme power these thoughts are tapped into a greater energy that creates abundance for everyone.

It is significant that each person's reality is changed from within. It is not good enough to sit on the sideline moaning about all the negative things that are happening in ones life and the world. By meditating each day and creating clear pictures of harmony, peace, friendship and love a new life of abundance will occur. It is through quiet meditation that the spiritual world of thought is connected.
The Supreme Power has given us free will. Thought governs our actions and it is our responsibility to control our thoughts to create positive actions that will benefit everyone. By creating pictures of positive outcomes that will benefit everyone a life of wealth, health, harmony, love and friendship will be achieved. It is important to note that the power of free will must be used wisely. Positive thoughts cause positive outcomes however negative thoughts cause destruction and misery.
The Supreme Power has a master plan that involves using every ones thoughts to create the world as it is. This is a huge responsibility as each person through free will has the ability to change the world. This is a frightening thought as the media portrays the world as far from a harmonious and peaceful place. It is encouraging to note that the supreme being has encouraged us to have faith and that evil will never win.
Through the example of a small frail woman who did so much for so many we can also achieve great things. Mother Theresa showed us through meditation and prayer there is nothing that cannot be achieved by tapping into the spiritual power of thought.
My life has changed dramatically this year. I have questioned the old wisdom of getting a job and saving for your pension years with a RA. I invested a sum of money in different companies that is now yielding a monthly passive and portfolio income that is greater than my last salary in December 2006. There have been a lot of people that have said that I was foolish and this was very risky. The truth and the reality of this are I have a registered business, a Family Trust and a passive income that my family can live off each month.
The Kaizen Challenge has taught me that you create your own reality. I believe in living life in abundance. While I was still working for a salary it always bothered me that I always had to apply for leave and that leave was always in short supply (3weeks a year). End of last year and to July this year I have been to Cape Town twice, been on a boat cruise to Mozambique, done the 5 day Strandloper hike in the Eastern Cape, gone to Sondela Nature reserve (Bela-Bela), stayed at Hoggsback.
I am now able to fetch my children at school and watch their sports matches and practices. This abundance of time has allowed me to shift my focus. I used to hate waking up early in the morning rushing to work and coming home to exhausted to think. I now enjoy my daily routine. I wake up have breakfast and read a book on motivation, feed the birds, meditate, do some paperwork have lunch and fetch the children from school.
My whole reality has changed from worrying about paying off bonds and saving enough money for retirement to creating excessive cash flow and creating ideas on how to help people.
It all started about six years ago after listening to Kiyosaki on an Oprah Winfrey show of all things. I do not usually watch programmes like this. I realized that even though I was earning a good salary, had a beautiful wife (also earning a good salary) and two wonderful children we were always financially behind. It occurred to me after listening to Kiyosaki that my house was not an asset but a huge burden and liability. I spent so much time arguing with my wife about finances. How was it possible that we could never keep within a budget. I questioned the sanity of putting aside so much after tax money into a RA that would never guarantee a retirement of financial freedom. It was at this point where I was working (three-shift system) myself to a standstill that priorities needed to change.
Paying off a bond was not a priority but creating cash flow. As long as I had passive and portfolio income I need not have to worry too much about saving for retirement. I changed my whole life around from rushing around in the rat race waiting for the weekend which was never long enough, to enjoying every moment of the day.
Initially it was difficult for me to adapt to this change because all the traditional experts, family and friends thought I was totally crazy and taking too many risks. The Kaizen Challenge has helped my confidence tremendously. All I need to do is create my own inner reality in conjunction with the Supreme Powers plan for health, wealth, love, relationships for everyone, then a life of freedom and abundance can be enjoyed.
The Kaizen challenge has allowed me to question my beliefs rediscover who I am and what I want to do with my life. My life's goals must not harm or hurt anyone and must be for the greater good.
The abundance of time that I have has allowed me more time with the children. It was such a pleasure to help my son with his entrepreneur's day project. We spent three enjoyable weeks on this project.
Living life in abundance is enjoyable. Living every moment and even enjoying the nature in ones own garden is a pleasure. Since enjoying my time at home I have spotted three different birds I have not seen before (Wood Hoepoe, Marico sunbird, and Black sunbird.)
I am thinking about an idea that my wife had. How about building a village for abandoned /orphaned children. It will be built along the idea of a home environment. A small number of children per individual home with a house mother and house father. I have taken this concept a little further. These homes would be on an operational wine farm that would be self-sufficient. The electricity would be generated from solar panels and water derived from a river or bore hole. All waste will be carefully recycled or used in such a way as not to harm the environment. Winemakers, marketers, horticulturists and teachers would teach the children all the skills needed to operate a wine farm. The children would then work on the farm. A sense of unity sharing and usefulness for the greater good will be created.
Prayer and praising God for the wonderful universe will be part of daily life. Meditation will be encouraged to create an awareness of ones own reality and aligning that with the Supreme Powers plan to create an abundance of life
Thank you for this opportunity to express the changes that have happened in my life.

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