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Andries Bezuidenhout

It’s several weeks now after my 48th assignment. I waited a while longer before tendering my 400 words report back cause I really want to experience and see a bid more how my life will change. Changed it did!

It’s wonderful to wake up every morning with the thought that this day will be great. The universe brings all my plans together one by one because that was already decided in my mind by committing my thoughts to that. I seeing every day now as a gift. As I got up, I send my thanks to my heavenly Father. I learned to deposit experiences, happy memories, my judgments, my words and tasks that changes not only my own live but my family, friends and business people around me every day. I know this deposits into my bank account in the universe will be there and I will withdraw that in later stages of my live to carry me along the way. I can also say I changed to start my every day first with a quite one hour time of worship and dedication with God, before my morning exercises. I will then “think and visualize” and plan my day. This changed dimension of my life came to me during the 34th Kaizen Challenge lesson, which is now an average days discipline.

To allow me to develop further and expand my broadness of mind, I will keep on seek, explore, study, learn and use my own wealth of experience in my specialized field to allow me following my judgment to contribute to my family and my wealth creation with full responsibility. My dream is to make twenty million Rand in five years. The difference between you and me Hannes, I started a week ago with a million. This fund came about selling one of my three properties a week ago for R1.8 million Rand in an area, which a developer wants to erect an office block. R400,000 covers the bond, R300,000 will serve in the Mercedes principle and with the R100,000 I want to invest in my 3 children to become knowledgeable trustees in my trusts with me. This manifestation came during the Kaizen Lessons where I, with several other neighbors was approached to sell. I telling you this because by my intense focus and thoughts visualizing this kind of development, a property agent “saw” this opportunity, approach a developer who accepts. This must be initiated by the spirit in the universe. One thing is for sure; all my happy neighbors are not thinking the way I do now how I will re-invest! However, some will find the way to your mentoring!
Thank you ever so much Hannes, I am one of many of your students whose newfound abilities go far beyond expectations I never thought possible.

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