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Andries Spies

This last task is the most difficult. Rather give me an electric circuit to design than to write an assay. It took me 7 days, a little bit a day. But here it go’s. 

It feels so good to have started something, the Kaizen Challenge, and completed it. It is good for me and I know it is and will be good to my precious other half who will feel and experience my more devoted love as a result of me growing, doing Kaizen. And also my daughters with whom I have shared and included in this challenge since planning to do it. I can see it happen.
I have discovered something very excited during this challenge that boosts my believe system tremendously, but that is another story for another time.
When looking back trough all of my plans over the 49 days a lot have manifested.
The seeds of thought and the importance of time with oneself in the presence of Omnipotence that I have sown in my daughters are growing. (Eldest, married and living in Centurion, middle one teaching in London and the youngest just start working in RSA, was in London for two and a half years. We believe throwing them in the deep waters so they can learn to stand on their own feet. We will watch with a lifebuoy. The youngest already brags that she has no debt, buy cash and have money in the bank. What a good start and an attitude!)
My quiet time in the morning which I do from a long time ago has now extended and has new meaning. It is part of a good life style and will never stop. It will just become better and better. The Kaizen challenge was a big booster because it is very practical.
During this challenge I got my own internet from home. – plan 10. Previously I have to rely on my employer’s mercy. What a feeling becoming free! Still have to sort out spam by adopting new email address.
To cut on sugar, I think is as difficult as to stop smoking – plan 14. I know sugar it not good for me and to reduce intake is a no. 2 experience at the moment that will become a no. 1 experience applying the new knowledge.
Listening to tapes while driving work/home gives me another perspective of the same subjects as in the challenge and it just confirms the laws. It also keeps my mind off the advertisers along the road and on the radio.
Putting positive affirmations reminders on the cell and on outlook calendar to remind on regular intervals during the day, give a break from the daily routine and it do a lot of good. What a challenge to change this 59 year old mind’s subconscious to an always positive state. And it works. If a conversation is negative, I will try to change it positive and if there is no change, I will walk away. Could not do it in the past because of what people would think.
Rom 12:2Julle moenie aan hierdie sondige wêreld gelyk word nie, maar laat God julle verander deur julle denke te vernuwe. Dan sal julle ook kan onderskei wat die wil van God is, wat vir Hom goed en aanneemlik en volmaak is.
This new wisdom gained in the challenge made me prepared a lesson about the electrochemical conversion and measurement of energy in the body to share with my colleagues. Just to plant a seed to think about the energy of thought. Not done yet but the preparation is done and the opportunity will come. Being an instrumentation and control designer, understanding brain activity measurement and illustrating the principles is easy - plan 21.
Doing the Retire Quickly workshop as planned on day 30 brought my finances in perspective and will setup new goals. Still following up and will Kaizen as often as planned.
Now I can celebrate.

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