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Beata Binkowska

We all want to attract wealth, health and love”; ultimately…..but we enter the life journey without a manual or an instruction book….!!! So very often we go about our daily activities, not realizing that the dreams we once had, remain in the dream land while we struggle to make a living…

Sometime we encounter our personal “tsunami”….with after-shock waves affecting our lives for a long time....until we realize that it is us, who created it all!!!.

At first it is hard to believe….later, one tries to apply the principles of mind powers, self control, strong will…you name it! There are many self-improvement gurus! Meeting John Kehoe, was my first personal inspiration to take the responsibility for “everything what is happening in my life”…I became the mind power student….and the “tsunami” went away, I regained control over my life and carried on my content, or so I thought, professional and personal existence.

And than I’ve met Hannes Dreyer at his free Wealth Creation Seminar!
What a cognition!!!!
I could be a Wealth Creator as well!!;
I understood it is all about money and becoming rich, fast!! Finally in my life of public servant money and riches became important!!! It was never really important to think about the future or financial freedom before!
I bought the Mentorship Program, very enthusiastically began to read first weekly lessons, downloaded e-mail book…got some reward points, referred 2 people…and so on…and slowly drifted into my usual “tomorrow” procrastination habit….
It carried on, until the Fire Walking experience….and there and than I’ve realized that it is not “mind over the matter” but that the secret of mind power is:
the mind into the matter”. Also that one has to concentrate “easy, using energy of focused, concentrated thoughts” instead of force and strong will!!!
I broke my Arrow and walk through the Fire!!!
This is how my Kaizen Challenge began!!
It took me longer than 49 days to complete the Challenge and to finally submit my story. The constant and never ending improvement…..
I realized, that it is my deeply ingrained childhood believe in perfection, that makes me to procrastinate…and to feel constant need to acquire more and more knowledge….to be able to compete in the world. But the application is not there….forgotten action factor.
Somewhere, deeply in my soul the demon of inadequacy started to feel uncomfortable!!!
At long last!!
The daily lessons and mind exercises re-focused my attention!! I began to create the “baby steps” daily programs of actions…..the negative thoughts popped up around me at first, but as we went on….my own negatives started to scream at me!!!
The goal setting exercises from the very trivial to the really big type 1 and 2 goals lead me to see opportunities around me for action…not only to benefit me but other people in need too. I volunteered to work in my Polish community…something I would never even consider before the Kaizen Challenge!
The procrastination was confronted as I started to “get things done” as David Allen advises in his book. There is plenty of “stuff” still around me, but at times my desk is cleared and the new surge of freed energy makes my life exciting again!
Longer we went into the daily readings, more the spirituality of thoughts and the power locked inside our minds began to unfold!
Sudden coincidences started to happen…people I thought about started to call or to visit or to “appear” in my world!!!
The exercises of mind brought into my life meeting with the men practicing self hypnosis; eg. After 18 months in the wheelchair a paraplegic started to walk again against doctor’s prognosis: nothing can be done!! Small demonstration: by just looking and focusing his thoughts he broke a metal fork after +/-5 minutes!!!
I am a medical practitioner trained in logic not in miracles!!
Hannes, your daily exercises….”it is jut a beginning”!!
The “Power v/s Force” book by David Hawkins and the emotional scale led me to practice in my mind “circle of love”…soon after that imaginary connection between myself, my son and my daughter, after almost 20 years of broken communication, we had a meeting.
I held my Dorinka in my arms and we cried and talked... I was loosing hope it will ever happen!
My son began to confine in me and asking for advice on professional and emotional matters….also he is in Australia now!
Today I took picture of my ex and our children...and wish him well!!! This is cutting out negatives in big way....thank you for inspiration!
It is surprising at first, but the daily concentration, time for solitude and silence, daily programming of mind and body brings almost instant changes in the physical world….the inner and outer worlds are connected…there is possibility to connect with the Creator and His Omnipotence and Omnipresence! For me those are still the moments only, glimpses into the magic of life!
But it came in the right time!!!
I was looking for a new experience….instead the Kaizen Challenge became a liberation process for me, taking stock of my life and planning and taking responsibility for the future!
For a woman of almost 60, it is a quite a challenge!!! I realized, that it is not possible to retire and be financially independent…also I worked for the public service in SA 26years by now! I have to continue working if I want to maintain my standard if living!! Luckily, I managed to buy a second property….unfortunately before I started to learn how to use it as a vehicle to Wealth Creation, so I am subsidizing ABSA at present….
On the other hand I am extremely successful; after all I came to this country with literally nothing but 2 children and borrowed $500, husband who couldn’t say a word in English and a big dream to become rich, successful and happy! ! Also to drive a Porsche 911!!
I forgotten to define what those riches and happiness suppose to be…and never planned for “tsunami of divorce”, so it is not surprising that my future only begins now!!!
If I am to follow one of my Great Grandmothers who died at 107 after 5 marriages….I need to plan at least 40 years ahead….It a lots of living, doing, creating and having fun!!!

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