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Ben Durand

It is like a door that has opened. 

I can now see what was holding me back. I would never have stumbled upon this secret if I was not in the right frame of mind and if it was not for the Kaizen Challenge. I did not know or was not aware that God is the Universal Mind with all the powers of the universe. My mind and spirit is part of that Universal Mind with all the powers of the universe. I have been looking for the truth and the Truth has made Himself known to me. Knowing the world within is more important than the world without. We are so focused on the outside world influencing our thoughts that we stop thinking for ourselves. Other people are thinking for us and their thoughts are becoming our thoughts. We are realizing their dreams and not ours!
A big lesson I learned is if you change you attitude you can begin to change your life.  I’m no longer going to allow anyone else to think on my behalf.. I am in control of my destiny.
The word “responsibility” has a new meaning for me. Responsibility means to take control of my mind and my thoughts. I must make sure that the gate keeper is keeping negative thoughts, or below the line thoughts, out of my subconscious mind. Whatever I think, will manifest. I did not know of the law of attraction (also called the law of love). This has given me a total new outlook on life. My daily routine has also changed. I am now more aware of how I start the day. When I open my eyes I start to say “thank you”. Saying "Thank you" that I am alive, had a good night’s rest, a house, wife and children. When I get out of the bed my right foot is “thank” and my left foot “you”. It doesn’t stop there as I continue to say thank you whenever I see anything that glorifies God. The more I do this the more energy I receive to take the day on. This has also improved my relationship with my family and work colleagues.
The biggest change has been the change in energy levels. I am excited to know what is going to happen next. How are my power goals going to materialize? I am waiting for that moment that will change my life for ever.
We don’t understand and appreciate the meaning of the word “abundance”. Nature is giving in abundance. We see it every where. Look at the flowers, trees, grass and plants around us. There is an abundance. Just look at the abundance of flowers that you find every year on the West Coast. Why then would God not give the same abundance to me? I love God and I can claim a life of abundance from Him. Mark 11: 22-24. Ask/believe you have already received it. It is a promise from God that I will apply in my daily life. I don’t have to live in fear anymore. I know the Truth and the Truth is God.
My Average Day
I am now making more time available for myself. I usually have spent 15 minutes in the morning for payer time but I have now set apart 45 minutes every morning of the week for payer and meditation. I spend time with the Lord and it calms me. I use this time to meditate on my thoughts, goals and to thank God for all his blessings.
This is not a 49 day challenge. This is a life time challenge. It requires discipline but by living your life and apply the Kaizen principle you grow and experience a constant never ending improvement.
I will continue to find out more about the truth, growing every day and live my life to the fullest!
I will still use Hannes as my sound board. I believe our friendship will grow in years to come. Hannes, you have made a difference in my life and that of my family. I do have now a purpose in life and that is to be a wealth creator. I did not understand the Powermorphing principle in the beginning. I do now understand the use of power and not force. I am grateful that I could have done the Kaizen Challenge. A lot of people are losing out on the value and knowledge that this course gives you. I have grown as a person and will never be the same.
I am a new “ME” – a spirit without any boundaries! FREE FOR LIFE!

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