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Charles Mckenzie

My established thoughts have been challenged to look at other possibilities in a way that at times provoked conflict but at the same time it was thoroughly enlightening. Each day’s lesson was eagerly read and thought over with the application of small goals which in itself was a change of the usual habit following routine.

Although not a religious course, a challenge to my thinking of religious matters came about many times and I think a whole lot of understanding and simplification of ideas in my mind resulted without a dogmatic theme that overshadowed anything.  
My mind is usually very much scientifically tuned in and I found that even if I didn’t feel that a particular day’s goal and result were totally what I envisaged, then there was still a great lesson to learn. Seeing and grasping how science and everything else actually fit in and are part of each other is a “wow!” experience. 
Understanding and visualizing how atoms are held together by energy and that even solid rocks are really energy was mind boggling but it also made it so simple to relate to what everything is out there and in here. The change was and is a learning experience which is like a revelation to me.
A highlight was:
During the Kaizen challenge I experienced “down and dark days”  and I thought that the material I was reading then was wasted as the enthusiasm was just not there and quiet times for reflection just weren’t quiet with a mind racing from thought to thought, well I was wrong and here is an example of why I say so. 
A while after completing the Kaizen challenge I was typing an e-mail to a family member who was going through a difficult time, and there it happened, without really thinking where it came from I started writing about how emotional energy could have different levels and here I was thinking of the map of consciousness but it suddenly made more sense to me than when I had originally studied it. 
Out of all of this flowed a message of encouragement that amazed me regarding its clarity and how it was embedded in my mind at a time when I thought I wasn’t making progress. For this I’m thankful as it has also had a positive effect on making new friendships especially one that I was building during the time of the challenge. 
Usually I’ve been a very reserved person, and even that aspect has been influenced in a meaningful way as far as relating to other people are concerned. Investing in myself has also become more of a reality since.
My challenge continues especially in achieving that stillness of mind and quiet time which so often gets “over-raced” by the noise of thoughts, but I know also this will pass as a learning experience.  
The Kaizen challenge has not changed who I am but I believe it has rather enhanced the true person inside of me for the better. Someone said that one should be the change that you want to see, in this experience I feel that one can be the change for oneself as well as be valuable to others by just being it. 
Thank you Hannes for challenging us. Kaizen and blessings!

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