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Chiquita Van Rooyen

I do not know how to start this letter other than: WOW! WOW! WOW!

This challenge has taught me things about myself that I never knew existed. I am still a bit star struck and in total awe of what this means to me.
My journey started more than a year ago when I became a member of the Wealth Creation Club. I absolutely drank in every lesson and started educating myself. Time management, budget, debt consolidation, estate planning, trusts, Property Pro, ext., all became part of my daily life. My husband and I then did the Retire Quickly workshop. What an eye opener!
On Sunday 17 November 2007, two days after our 21st anniversary, I did the Power-morphing workshop.
Even if Jean-Claude van Damme had personally hit me between the eyes with his bare fist, it would not have had such an impact on me as that day. This was the most intense course I have ever done in my life and drained every single bit of my energy.
On Monday I hit a total low and e-mailed Hannes with a very grey state of mind. Thank goodness he read between the lines and phoned me soon after. We spoke a while and then he said that I was at the top of the mountain, all I had to do was peep over into the valley below. That evening I started reading through the Power-morphing manual. I started working on my first power goal and suddenly I hit the road running! I spread my wings and soured down into the valley below. Even as I am writing this, the tears are streaming down my cheeks, because the memory is still so vivid and intense. I subsequently completed my first power goal and resigned from my 10-year-old dead end job!
I never realized how many restrictions I have placed on myself or gathered from outside sources over the years. I always thought that people that where interested in this psycho mumbo jumbo, where definitely over the edge. Positive thinking and positive energy, bah!
BUT, fortunately I have come to realize that I could change and that the only way was through precisely this positive thinking and energy (of course I did not know I had these locked away inside of me). Time and effort will be needed as I need to eliminate 46 years of rubbish from my subconscious mind.
I woke up one morning with a vision of a bridge over a stream. My subconscious mind explained to me that this is the bridge that links my conscious to my subconscious mind and underneath flows the stream of all my emotions. With every fact or thought that comes my way, I first have to filter out the unwanted/negative facts. Only then should I go fishing to find the correct emotion, if any, I want to link to this specific thought or fact. Then I can inform my Gatekeeper that this is what I want to store in my subconscious mind.
I have since been tested on exactly this point. We applied for another home loan, but we had intentionally not utilized all the funds of the previous bond in order to accumulate funds. We also paid in a cash amount. The financial institution, in their infinite wisdom, had frozen the excess funds and it “looked like” the new bond will be registered for exactly the same amount as before. I started sweating and nearly had a full blown panic attack. This was not what I intended and the whole exercise would be to no avail, whilst it was going to cost me. Fortunately I came to my senses and remembered that facts where merely facts and I did not have to add emotion if I did not want to.
After a session of calming myself down and bringing my heartbeat back to normal, I could think the problem through. With a clear and calm mind I could decide what should be done, and, needless to say, everything worked out well. Only a day or two later, it dawned on me what had actually happened. I felt so chuffed I could burst! I had actually dealt with the problem successfully on my own. Wow! This was a huge step in the right direction, because I have had a mental block about finances and handling of money, for nearly 13 years. That is after we became statistics when we lost our business in 1993, due to the usual ignorance factor. So, meagre as this incident may sound too many, this was really a major achievement for me.
Another truly amazing thing was the realization that I was created to the image of GOD. Yes, we are taught this from very young, but it was never explained as explicitly as this. Meaning that: if God is love, I am love; if God has infinite creativity, I have infinite creativity, if God is in me, I am forever enclosed in the circle of His arms. The emotions that I chose to link to these facts, are awe, tenderness and privilege, abundantly! This means that I could never “escape” God (and I definitely don’t want to) because He is Omnipresent. He is closer than my breath and entwined into all of my being. All I have to do on a daily base is acknowledge Him as the centre of my being and thus the centre of my wheel of life.
The Kaizen Challenge has equipped me with what I need to go out there, fulfil my goals, become a wealth creator and live a life of abundance. This is the finishing school. Thank you for providing me with the necessary tools to do so!

It feels like my life is, at long last, ready and rearing to happen!

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