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Chris Venter

I read about the Kaizen Challenge on the various Hannes Dreyer websites and thought it was something I needed to do. But as usual I left it for another day and thought I could not afford it.

I was working for myself for almost 3 years and due to various circumstances had to go back to work for a boss to get food on the table. I could only do that for 4 months as my mindset already was too much changed; to be my own boss and do what I wanted to do when I wanted to do it. Luckily our circumstances changed in the 4 months to allow me to be my own boss again.
But we needed to make drastic changes. That was when I challenged my wife Tina to do the challenge with me. I needed to get a purpose and an idea of what to do and how to do it to make a success of our lives.
The lessons made me think and put my life into perspective. One Sunday I had a mayor breakthrough. I was watching “The Secret” movie and everything just clicked. (I watched the movie quite a few times before that.)
One of the things I started out to achieve with the challenge was to get and define my life’s purpose on earth. I suddenly realized that my life’s purpose was what I wanted it to be. I’m the master of my destiny and I can design it and live it to the best of my abilities within the Christian guidelines as God intended it. He gave me talents and I must use them and be happy with my life and destiny.
Up to this point in time I was searching everywhere to find my destiny on earth. But it is nowhere to be found; I must create it. I have written a life goal and destiny down and am still chiseling on it everyday. But now I have peace in my mind and I can proceed and plan my life and live a happy wealthy life.
With the challenges we learned about things that are negative and weighing you down and keeping you from achieving. I want to share one specific negative thing that was constantly in my mind and keeping me back.
I examined my thought and found that every time I thought about all the people that owe me money I become very negative and self destructive in my mindset. I thought I needed the money to care for my family and it made me angry and resentful at all these people.
Once I realized it I started to figure out how not to do it or get rid of it. At first I thought of handing them all over to debt collectors and let them have the problem of recovering the money. But that did not take care of the problem. One day after another lesson I realized how to solve the problem. I wrote all the debt off and from then on I will forget about it. The money they owed me was not worth all the negative thought. (It was equal to about 4 months of my income.) I knew that by letting it go I could go out and create much more money for my family and I know that all these persons will not be able to do the same and they probably needed the money more than me. I needed to solve the problem to set my mind free to grow and achieve greater heights.
I have one more thing to do to blow my mind completely and that is a “Fire walk”. My name is on the booking list for the next event.
I want to do the challenge again from day one as I’m sure I have changed and I will see it differently from the first time and learn different things from the lessons every time I do them.
My live has definitely changed for the better. I’m more positive now and I’m attracting and creating positive things around me. It is going well with my business. There is so much work on the horizon that I have a new challenge of how to cope with it all.
Thank you, Hannes for sharing your life and experiences with us all and in that way changing our lives and that of our families for ever. I recommend everyone to do this Kaizen Challenge and to change your life for ever.

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