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Christo Van Wyk

I am so grateful for this opportunity  to say that I am a brand new person.  And will continue to be a brand new and better person. I have learned to understand myself better and investing in myself making me time, with the "TEMS" I can consciously program my mind to not let negativity enter my subconscious and I am doing Poweraffirmations. I believe that I am a Wealth Creator in making I have learned to respect myself a spirit with a body I have learned to nature myself and my loved ones I have learned not to be a slave to the media anymore I have learned to exercise making quiet time in the morning talking and meditating to my Father in heaven hence I am now more spiritual asking myself consciously what would Jesus do? 

I shall continue to strive and for the better and my daily  beginning would start by taking and making the time for my quiet time with my Creator and then investing in myself.  To have come this far I know that I shall continue to consciously to improve myself .
I never want to look back on my past  life for now I am a brand new person
Thank you for giving me this opportunity  in all the lessons I have learned that everybody can be a better person and investing and making time you can continue to learn an improve yourself and become a Wealth Creator.
My dream for the future is to be a Wealth Creator I have learned to know and invest in myself therefore I shall be able to give because I am now a Wealth Creator

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