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Christoffel Steyn

We started off badly with a poor telephone system that could not function properly over the internet followed by an electricity crisis, but after investing in ourselves we enjoyed the Kaizen Challenge very much. It has really changed our whole outlook and mindset on life, in so many ways. In the first place we realized that, to be a Wealth Creator you have to start with yourself – wonderful to realize that you are entitled to some minutes of your day just for yourself!

So many facts that we read have surfaced – things that we are aware of but have never consciously given it a thought. The Kaizen Challenge has really set us thinking about all the important aspects like finances, mind, relationships, body and spirit and succeeded in making us do what was asked of us every day.
There are so many aspects of all the lessons we read to thank you for, that we do not know where to start – the wonderful power of thought, the Omnipresence in us, the faith that has been projected. We are working hard on our conscious in order to positively influence the subconscious, thus enabling us daily to change, and keep changing for the better, as well as to keep the vision of our dreams alive.
We realized the importance of having the earnest desire to attain our goal. To idealize, visualize and concentrate on the things we want. We have to become different persons, do things differently; we have to take the responsibility. Most of all, that God is the only Truth, our only solid ground, without whom we cannot exist.
We have long been aware of the influence of the media, but not to such an extent as has been pointed out. My husband very often takes announcements, declarations and advertisements with a pinch of salt and has long doubted the opinion of the so-called experts. This has undoubtedly been confirmed by our lessons
We hardly even watch TV these days (except Noot vir Noot) and even think that there is much more of a hidden meaning in the electricity crisis than meets the eye.
We realize and want to keep up the daily time out for meditating and that the planning of time and finances is essential. This was one of the more difficult challenges - planning your time because there are so many other influences that change your plans.
As the wife of a disabled man, there are many things that crop up unplanned but it helps tremendously to realize that I am also powerful and have the vision to see it through.
We will keep up the positive thinking of Kaizen Challenge and our dreams of making our estate a perfect one, coupled with the expectations – no - knowledge, that if we keep on channeling our thoughts and attention to this, this dream will become a reality and the starting point of our Road to Riches.
Thank you for a wonderful experience

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