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Chummy Visser

The Kaizen Challenge really opened my mind to understanding how we are living other people dreams for ourselves. How we have stopped thinking and questioning what is being spoon fed to us. We are living in fear and confusion that other people are exploiting to their benefit.

By applying the Kaizen principles I have found that I am more positive about my life and my future. Even my relationship with my wife and children are on a different level – I feel I have meaning in my life. I have rediscovered my Creator in the understanding how complete and awesome the universe is that He created.
One of the positive outcomes of the challenge is that we as a family watch a lot less TV. It is amazing how much time we now have to spend in each others company. It is an illusion when people think they are spending quality time together when watching TV. Our family relationships have grown to a new level and have brought back memories of my childhood before the introduction of TV in South Africa.
I am committed to spending time on myself as the first activity of my day. It is quite a challenge as I am a night person and do not get up easily in the morning. I have found that spending time to think and organize your day gives purpose to everything you do during the day. Where I previously spent time on meaningless activities, procrastinated and was disorganized I am now more in control of my daily tasks.
The biggest change for me is the inner peace that I now have based on the understanding that you are responsible for your own destiny and that things does not just happen by chance. Without this understanding I felt out of control and was not sure how to be a wealth creator. It is my dream to become financially independent in order to spend more time with my family and to get involved in social responsible initiatives. I am visualizing this dream and am finding the more you think about your dream the more it starts to guide your daily actions.

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