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Clinton Meyer

Thank you Hannes for the opportunity to participate in the Kaizen Challenge.

One of the biggest realizations for me on the course was just how influential my thoughts are in determining what my course of action in life is.
I distinctly remember putting off doing the Kaizen challenge because  I had already embarked on a process of change and commitment in which I had decided to get up at 4 AM in the mornings to exercise and to pray and spend “quiet time” with my Creator ( I have four young sons and once they are awake……).
As surprisingly, I had been maintaining the routine ( with a few exceptions where I don’t recall even having  heard the alarm going off, nor switching it off either), I was “scared” of any new commitment and improvements that I would have to make to my routine with the Challenge, (specifically in the “Body” section because at that stage my lungs were still burning and I was still coughing up phlegm as I wheezed and hobbled around the block in my jogging routine.
In fact I recall that my predominant thought at that stage as I was jogging, was that it would be impossible for me to ever do the Comrades. Of course now, a few months later I know that it would be possible, but that for me at this stage, I am happy to stay in my comfort zone and just work at improving my times around the block:-)
Even though I do not agree entirely with all of the statements that you make in the challenge, I have enjoyed the Kaizen challenge tremendously, because for me it has been an important tool in applying the knowledge that I have gained on your courses and others in a very practical manner. I have always known the importance of setting goals, but it is still a daunting task when you have never done it, and the Challenge has enabled me to start laying the foundation to achieving my God-given destiny.
To me, another aspect that I think is brilliant, is that although you have provided a framework (ie the daily goal setting), relatively little guidance is given in terms of the actual goals, so I am “forced” to put in the time, energy and mindset to discover what is going to work for me as an individual.
By the time I had finished the Challenge, I had come to realize that my “fear” of constant improvement was groundless (and that it did not necessarily mean less and less sleep).
I have always considered myself a seeker of the truth and had long ago given up on watching TV and reading the newspapers, (although I am thankful that I used to because that is where I first came across your advert. Of course, since having completed the Kaizen challenge, I now realize that it is because of the natural law of like attracting like that I was drawn to your ad and not your good-looking photo;-)), nevertheless I have found ways of cutting out more clutter and more noise and of focusing on the more important things.
Improvement is always possible. It is in fact imperative to achieving your goals and to growth, whether it be in a personal, business or in any other capacity.
Just as you said it would, the Challenge has changed me in numerous ways, but importantly I think, in many small ways which will collectively and over time, add up to big changes. I have been inspired to start writing a book (which I have always known I have inside me) and yet at the same time, I have found ways  to do it not at the expense of my precious family time.
 My already wonderful relationship with my wife has just been getting better and better as I have made efforts to change and improve (I think it will move to the ecstasy)

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