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Coennie Bezuidenhout

When I started this challenge, I was not aware or certain where it would take me or where it would lead me but I knew in my hart that it would be good and mind as well as life changing. 

I actually also hoped that doing this challenge will make a difference in my slavery life. I had to get out of the rat race and do something for myself. Doing the Kaizen Challenge has proofed to do just that for me.
I can not explain the enormous changes in my life taking place and the way my thinking has changed. I took control over my life and am happier and more time oriented... what I mean to say is that I use my time to my benefit and to improve myself rather that to waste it on less important issues.
I have set out goals for me to reach and have reached many of them already. I set new goals and made it even harder this time to achieve and can already see them unfolding and becoming huge and closer to being achieved. I will keep on setting new and bigger goals and go out and achieve them.
I read several books and as an Afrikaans speaking individual I have improved my English significantly over the month and a bit, reading English books and doing this challenge in English.
‘’ You create your own Universe as you go along.” - Winston Churchill.
Although it is still my hope to do the Power morphing course soon, I already apply the 3 Steps to Spiritual Power namely: 1) Idealization, 2) Visualization and 3) Materialization.
Now I have clear goals and I know what I need and want for me and my family in my life.
I know that not being successful does not help anybody and if I want to help people I need to be successful.
After starting this challenge, all aspects of my life regarding the wheel of life improved and changed and are still changing.
I approach life differently now and the way the way I start my days now have made a huge difference. I get up earlier in the morning than usual, at least 20 to 30 minutes earlier and meditate on how I want the day to play out and think of positive things and maintaining a positive attitude. I now control the things that influence my attitude and shut out negative talk and pessimistic reason of people.
I study my goals on a day to day basis and manage my progress now.
I focus on achieving what I have set out to achieve even if the odds and time are against me.
God did not create me and did not save me from eternal death to live a life without purpose.
By still using the first law, to invest in myself first, I have formed the habit of success, not failure.
This will compound to greatness. 
Tomorrow I will be what I am thinking today.
In order to reach all my future goals I need to keep on motivating myself and not listen to pessimistic people who are negative and who are dragging me down.
I need to control the things that influence my attitude
I need to acquire enough knowledge of my power, the courage to dare and faith to do.
Although I have learnt a whole lot I still need to apply the first law of a wealth creator and still invest in myself to acquire more knowledge. I will continue reading on the subject of the mind as well as self motivation and finances.
By doing the challenge I proved to myself that I have enough time to spend on attaining new knowledge and by doing the exercises I took control over my life and my thinking process.
I have come to realize that the world we live in is wonderful and that the power to change and have abundance in life on all the aspects of life comes from within and that the power is within me.  
Regarding my dreams and expectations.
My dream is to have a life of abundance.
To build a personal relationship with God and to flea from sin, strive to be more like Jesus and to fight the good fight.
To be the best husband to my wife and the best father I can be to my son.
To be healthy and fit.
To budget and manage my own business according to the Mercedes principal and to earn a passive income.
To pay of all my negative debt and to finish my diploma in Law.
To make five million Rand before January 2012 and help the poor and needy. I will succeed. If I don’t I won’t be able to help anyone.
To make the Kaizen principal a habit of living.   

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