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Daniel Matsapola

Thank you for a brilliant course in the Kaizen Challenge. 

For me it went over the 49 days allocated and took the entire July, August, September and only ended on October 13...coincidentally on the same day as the 30th Voet van Africa Marathon. I ran 10 km in 59 minutes and enjoyed every moment of the race. The last three and a half months have been a roller-coaster ride for me. I have felt things I have never felt before and went through sensations that tempted me to stay in their company to the exclusion of everything else. There were days I would just want to do nothing else but just read page after page of Power vs. Force...The hidden determinants of human behavior.
The Kaizen lessons have showed me that the laws that govern our existence and success are not discriminatory and do not care who you are...they apply universally and with Mathematical precision (something Wallace D. Wattles shared in his book The Science of Getting Rich). The lessons for me confirmed with such certainty the belief I have always had about who I am...that at the core of who I am is a spirit inhabiting a body with a mind - both tools of the spirit. That in substance there is really no difference between God and the spirit that lives inside me except for the degree of my awareness and use of its power.
My job then is to seek and develop awareness every moment of my waking life...and I have discovered that my subconscious mind takes the journey forward in my resting moments (depending on what it has been fed of course). The picture I got on the relationship between my conscious and subconscious mind was very empowering...my job is to guard the floodgates and check the identity, origin and authenticity of every 'applicant' that wants citizenship in my mind.
 Your courses on property, finances, the mind (including this one) have helped me to have a broadness of mind allowing me to weigh the evidence, follow my own judgment and having gone through this particular course, the strength of mind to do what is required on a daily basis. I shall seek to alter my daily structure to make more time in the morning for meditation, reflecting and reading inspired literature. I shall seek the company of positive people and avoid at all costs the taxing negative talk and discussions.
This has reinforced my belief that all men are born equal with the same capacity to achieve success and have rights that are not conferred by some man-made power or government but by the very Creator that has made us whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy.
I remain Daniel A. Matsapola - Wealth Creator for Life. 
Credit is given to the man that crosses the line of the race...bystanders will remain exactly that. I thank God for the opportunity to participate free of charge (I paid R0 for this course) in this powerful and inspirational material.
Just completing the Kaizen Challenge is success enough for me and will last me a lifetime. That thought is creative I have always heard and to some extend believed. The Kaizen Challenge material has served to bring that one Secret of Life out in many - many ways, gave it flesh and impressed it upon my subconscious mind with daily repetition for the duration of the course.
What a blessing for me to also be your Mentorship student...I get the best of both worlds.
Finally, in my house we will continue to watch 'TV' no matter what. On channel 1 is the Advanced Property Investor DVD's and before the end of this year (2007), I want to add another 'channel'... Property Pro DVD of the course I attended in 2005.

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