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David Jacobs

Thank you for such an amazing wonderful 49 days. You have such a gift in how you structured the lessons and exercises. The lessons have been filed in a special folder for reference. It is just so enlightening how much more one sees and understands the next time round.
I am so aware today of how I have been responsible for what my life is today and it is now going to change. I can become a wealth creator and shape a glorious future for Heather, my wife, and myself. I know I can do it I have the power within me and I also have a formula. I will take responsibility;
Whilst searching for solutions for my life I read many of the popular books on wealth. The stories were interesting but there was never any practical guidance on how to become wealthy. I must admit that I always considered wealth to mean monetary riches. Well I now have been enlightened; it is just so much more.
Your use of the Word has brought so much more meaning into my life. It has helped me understand who I am, my relationship with the Universal and I now understand the real purpose of quite time. That I can speak to Him. How to have goals and the best part is that it is actually possible to achieve them even if in the world they may seem too big and impossible.
I had stopped dreaming but I now know that it is not wrong to dream as the dreams of the dreamer do come true. My desire is becoming clearer each day as I take the little steps of growth and change. I am getting closer to who I want to be and the type of life that will be good for those around me, the Greater Good and me.
Before starting the challenge my major concern was for my financial future and whether my pension would be sufficient to see me into my golden years. However, I found hope in a statement made by you in the Wealth Creators Mentoring programme that it is possible to buy time by being more productive and efficient. Well watch this space. I will become one of the enlightened 1%.
I start my day in quite time, which has been given so much more meaning and purpose. There have been some real wonderful “whoa’s” when insight and truth has been revealed to me.
My days are a lot more productive as I am more thoughtful in what I do. My “gatekeeper” to my subconscious is on guard most of the day for me to stay positive and stop negative chatter and thinking. I have stopped reading magazines, listening to the news hour by hour, the stock market reports on Radio 2000.
My ultimate desire and achievement for my life is becoming a lot clearer and I know I will get better at reprogramming my subconscious.
There is so much gold in the Kaizen 49 days of lessons that I will continue to use them for as long as I need to. I will invest in myself and read more for knowledge and understanding. Thank you for the list of suggested books to read. I have started reading Power vs Force; it must be one of my best buys in years. The next book on my reading list is Randomness.
As a student on the Wealth Creators Mentoring programme I am committed to continue to learn and in time this investment in myself will help me develop a broadness of mind that will allow me to weigh the evidence for myself.
I will no longer rely on the so-called experts and do my own thinking in future. I will become firm enough to follow my own judgement. I will not necessary get it right every time but I will learn.
Without the deep desire in me to change and grow this peace and new vigour in me would never have happened and I believe that without desire and determination it is not possible to change and grow and reach one’s full potential to have a fulfilled life. I know it is not going to be an overnight quick fix and I will need to have patience.
My dream is to share with Heather a beautiful home with quite restful spaces, with views as far as the eye can see. The fields have deep rich fertile soil giving sustenance to nature’s abundant garden.
To know that there is no lack in our lives; to give; to understand; to help those in need; to be strong; to be healthy; to have joy; to have peace. I will hold true to the Word and build this dream room-by-room, quality-by-quality, until it is impregnated into my subconscious and it becomes a reality in my life.

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