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Deborah Cooper

Wow, what an incredible journey! 

I started the challenge during a very busy time in my life, but I decided to start when I received the email about it instead of putting it off until a ‘quieter’ time because there probably would never be a ‘quieter’ time and I didn’t want to make any excuses.
So, the first few days were extremely challenging and I found myself being very grumpy about not getting time to do my daily lesson, exercise and planning. I have two very young children, one who just turned two and one who’s four. Once they get up in the morning the day becomes all about them. It’s hard to achieve everything I need to achieve in a day as well as be a good mom. So I decided to wake up an hour earlier every morning, before everyone else gets up. I go into my study and make that hour all about me, my ‘mind time’. This is the time I’ve been using for the Kaizen Challenge and it has worked so well that it’s become addictive. I will certainly continue with this daily ‘mind time’.
I have always been a deep thinker but the whole concept of challenging the truth has been an eye opener for me. I used to just accept what I read or heard. I have been and will continue to think about perception being deceptive and the benefits of finding out the truth for myself.
I am also a very good planner and since attending a course at the beginning of this year, have gotten into the habit of planning each and every day. I was taught that the day can only start once it’s complete (planned). This course has just reconfirmed the importance of that daily plan.
Throughout the 49 days I made notes of the really important things that stood out for me. I’ve put them in my a journal where I write all my ‘life changing’ and ‘life provoking’ words, phrases and sentences in. I go through this journal regularly and it helps to keep me on track. It’s crazy how the days can run away with you and when you get so caught up in life you tend to forget the important stuff. This journal keeps me on track and will also be a legacy that I leave to my kids.
One of the things that helped me tremendously on this challenge was recognizing that I am in fact powerful. Along with courage and faith I can do anything. Keeping this in mind helps to overcome fears that crop up every now and then.
One of the other disciplines that stood out for me was the 4 agreements:
  • 1. Be impeccable with your words
  • 2. Don’t take anything personally
  • 3. Don’t make assumptions
  • 4. Always try your best, given your current situation.
I’m very good at number 4 but really have to work on the first 3. I feel quite uplifted after making a decision not to take things personally.
I can at least say with the greatest conviction that I am whole, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy – and I intend to stay that way! Thank you for an amazing challenge and helping me pave the way to a fantastic life.

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