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Des Werner

For many years I have suspected that there must be an easier way. My whole family are very hard workers. Day after day my Dad would get up & go to work, just as his Dad had done for all of his life. The message that was passed down from generation to generation was “go to school, get good grades, study hard and go to university so you can get a degree and get a good job. Work for a big company, for a long time and retire at the age of 65 with no worries.” It was only when my Dad got to the age of 65, that it hit me like a brick wall, that he, as my grandfather had done, was not really in a position to retire. Something had gone very wrong, or had it?

I decided that if I started early enough, I would not suffer the same fate. I started to read books about finance. The more I read, the more confused I got. Many of the American systems where different to ours so decided to read local material, but this seemed even worse.
Then one day I saw this advert of a guy that turned 79cents into 10 million in less than five years. “Yes sure”, I thought. I kept the advert anyway and left it next to my bed. Weeks passed and I did nothing. Then one day I decided to give his office a call. They told me that he was having a free seminar at Monte Casino that evening. I decided to go and have a peep. What I saw was very interesting. This man that could break arrows against his throat, and was also good with finances. That amazing guy was Hannes Dreyer. After going to a few other meetings of different companies, I decided to go on one of his courses. I now know that this was the start of a whole new beginning for me.
I did the first course, “Property Pro”, and came back very excited. Now I knew it was possible to retire without an RA or a pension. That course was a year and a half ago. I now will be in a position to retire by the end of this year and that is thanks to Hannes Dreyer.
But the story continues, as I decided to do all the courses Hannes has. Since then I have done wonderful things, like walk on fire and break arrows against my own thought. The Kaizen Challenge was one such a wonderful experience. Here I learnt, how we are been “brain washed” and “manipulated” by many, many institutions. I also discovered how very important self time is and the power of our own thoughts and connecting to the universal power. Looking after our mind is as important as looking after our body.
The 49 days were both challenging and so very interesting. I have continued the process as well as the daily exercises. This process is so amazing and I will be passing it down to my children for them to follow this precious tool. I know Hannes’s goal is to teach willing people to become wealth creators. Well I am one of those willing people. Thanks Hannes, we are forever grateful.

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