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Desmond Bann

What can I say. This was the most exciting 49 days of my life. 

Just taking a few minutes per day can change your life.  One thing I must confess, is that my husband is a much more positive person than what I am and I needed this 49 days challenge to change my mind. 
I can be influenced very easily from what happens around me. The day to day sessions helped me to change this. Life around us make being positive very difficult but I have learnt in this 49 days, that the most important is that EVERYTHING that you need comes from God and He is your source. I also discovered that your disciplines must be in place before you can relay this to others.
You have to have faith in yourself, before you can influence others. It is necessary to have your quiet, meditating time daily, for your inner self and mind to get focused on what you have in mind for the future, your finance, your relationships and your spiritual life.
My biggest challenge was to be able to change the negative into positive on a daily basis. To make sure that I only have positive people around me. I am in the Estate business and work with literally 100's of people daily and this can really take you down if you are not focused on your goals and what you want to achieve.
Our dreams and expectations that we are working towards is to have a passive income and be able to give our time and effort to what is important in life, our family.  I have also just realized again, you can do nothing without the Lord.  He is the only source that you can rely on and He will never fail you.
Hannes has been our mentor for the past two and a half years and I cannot explain what he has taught us and what we have achieved until now.
Thank you Hannes and may the Lord Bless you.

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