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Dewald Rossouw

Before the challenge

I am currently an employee, as my father is, as most people are I suppose, but with a difference.
I have been looking for change for a while, because I realized that somewhere in my life there is obviously something missing. This cannot be it, receiving a pay slip, spending my salary on debt and groceries, and then waiting for the next pay slip.
I saw other people live life, and not only being alive, and I wanted that.
I then asked God to show me the way, then one Sunday I saw an ad about Hannes in a newspaper.
The secret
I have personally experienced the power of positive thought, like attracts like and that you receive what you ask for, in several instances of my life, although at the time I did not realize it.
  • I prayed to God to lead me to my wife, and He did, not long after.
  • When my wife and I started with a family, both of us asked for a boy, and guess what, it was one.
  • When we planned for our second child, we asked for a boy again, and lo and behold, it was one again.
  • I prayed to God, not for riches from somewhere, like winning the lotto, or from someone else, but simply for someone who can teach me to become wealthy, to make a positive change in the world and He led me to Hannes.
I am currently a Hannes Dreyer Wealth Creator Mentor student, and I would not change that for anything in the world. It has made me aware of so many things that you cannot learn anywhere else.
Personal change
I thought that if I could be rich (financially), as small thinkers do, then my whole world would be a better place.
After the challenge though, I know that financial wealth is only a small portion of what wealth really is, and that it is secondary wealth.
I am currently working on my physical health, as this is very important to me. I train regularly, doing weight lifting, cycling, running, playing squash or just kicking a ball around, as long as I am physically active. I even park my car further away from the stores where I need to go, on purpose. I watch what I eat and read up a lot about eating healthily. The Men’s Health magazine lands in my trolley each month.
I am doing all the courses Hannes has to offer as I can afford them, because learning is the most important thing that you can do. Rule number one is to invest in yourself and apply never ending change and growth.
Personal me-time is of the utmost importance. You have to know yourself first, before you can progress in life. Now that I know this, I can relate to so many instances that all of us know, but never actually thought about it in that way.
Einstein, Newton, Beethoven, you name them, did not perform their best work when there were people around, they did it whilst being alone, being “in the zone” as it may, being in connection with a higher state of mind.
I now know that the Universe is in line with positive people and desires us to have everything we want and more. I am striving to be more positive and has achieved that a lot, although 30 years of conditioning does not change at the tap of a finger, and I know that progress is in motion, slowly but surely.
I treat other people with respect and try to understand their point of view first before making myself understood.
I read a lot as readers are thinkers. Taking responsibility has become very important to me, and reading means that you are learning about each topic and thus growing slowly.
As the Kaizen Challenge taught me, nature gives in abundance.
I am a better person and will definitely read through the kaizen material again, because there is so much which can be learned from it.
I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you Hannes. Thank you so much for everything that you have taught me as well as others, for being unselfish and wanting a better life for all

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