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Dr. Chomba Chuma

This has been one of the most enlightening 49 days in my life. 

It has created a good foundation to the habit of planning. Planning your day break down your bigger goals into smaller ones is the route to success.
I plan to set goals in the five key areas of my life so as to have a balanced wheel of life i.e. Financial, relationship, mind, spirit and body! All are important aspects of wealth and you cannot claim to be wealthy with a deficiency in any one of them.
I plan to keep away negative media influences that form such a major part of our lives. TV, newspapers, radio, and other forms of media is just a representation of someone's way of thinking!! If we are to gain control of our thinking and control of our lives, it is only prudent to ignore other people's opinions especially if they are not people you look up to as mentors or successful to your own understanding.
Being a professional (medical doctor) I have realized that education is one of the biggest deterrents to success! This might sound controversial! The more you become educated and specialized, the more you shut off your ability to open your mind to other things. You take comfort in your career and hide your ignorance (and arrogance) behind it. You become cocooned into a profession and the idea of making financial success is frowned upon!
I am glad I came to South Africa (although not by design!) from my home country Kenya, away from the influences of the masses, family and colleagues. This has helped me to become an independent thinker, seek the truth about life and success and above all learn to meet like minded people who can help me grow.

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Christoffel Steyn
We started off badly with a poor telephone system that could not function properly over the internet followed by an electricity crisis, but after investing in ourselves we enjoyed the Kaizen Challenge very much. It has really changed our whole outlook and mindset on life, in so many ways. In the first place we realized Read more...
Marius Van Wyk
  I want to take this opportunity in thanking you for your efforts in making it easy (simple) for us in taking responsibility for our success/future by creating mediums eg the Kaizen Challenge.   In my specific case, I want to go back in the past and not only focus on the Kaizen Challenge. As is the case with a lot of other students, I met you some time ago and since then subscribed to all your seminars, training courses, DVD’s, E-books, software, programmes, fire-walking... Read more...
David Jacobs
Thank you for such an amazing wonderful 49 days. You have such a gift in how you structured the lessons and exercises. The lessons have been filed in a special folder for reference. It is just so enlightening how much Read more...
Emil Jansen
The changes I have experienced over the past 49 days were commitment, unconditional love and acceptance, awareness of a Spiritual force within me, overcoming inherent fears, not making assumptions, to work with Read more...
Linda Smith
At the end of last year (2006) I made a big decision to resign from my job. Realizing that this was my only form of stable income the decision was not an easy one. One of the reasons for making this decision was that Read more...