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Emil Jansen

The changes I have experienced over the past 49 days were commitment, unconditional love and acceptance, awareness of a Spiritual force within me, overcoming inherent fears, not making assumptions, to work with a system/s in place and to delegate your work to be more efficient in reaching your goals.

I was committed to do and finish this challenge even before the challenge started. The day I got the e-mail that the challenge was up and running, I was so eager to start with it, that I missed the whole point of setting daily goals. I jumped in and listed my goals for the 5 areas given, not for that day, but "sommer" for my whole future.
The next day I sent an e-mail to Netta, asking whether the goals were daily goals or long-term goals. I was so embarrassed when I actually read everything about the Kaizen challenge and realized, in Netta not replying to my mail, what a fool I made of myself. Thank you for ignoring my simple question, Netta. Luckily I now knew what I had to do and started with the real daily goal setting.
Hannes, you would agree though that I adhered to the Zeroth law of wealth creators - I wanted to do it badly. Out of this experience, I learnt not to be so overwhelmed by things happening around me (emotions) and first to investigate, to know how something works and then making an informed decision with every tool available to me.
The daily lessons and mind exercises really got me thinking. I didn't listen to the radio anymore in the car on my way to and from work, neither watched so much television as before and just thought of everything I read and absorbed in the daily lessons.
I set my daily goals the previous evening (since I started day one after work) and couldn’t wait until I have reached it. I made a few wonderful financial decisions that freed me from being dependant on the Banks to rule my life - my wife was so considerate to end an investment she had and paid all the capital into my account.
I depleted two personal loans with it as well as a lease I had for equipment in my practice. By doing this, I save a lot on interest, but more important, it gives me a better cash flow, starting this month. I also cancelled some worthless RA's and expensive insurance policies, with the help of Ian, replaced the policies with one big policy, paying almost R1000,00 / month less on premiums and got over R40 000,00 cash in my pocket - also adding to my surplus.
I also used Urma and her team and just heard today that a 3rd bond of R1,1 m on my family home was approved and that the attorneys are busy with the paperwork to have the bond registered. I still had a personal overdraft facility available with my bank (luckily not using it anymore) - this I cancelled today, because by doing this, it will give me more responsibility, not ever wanting to use this overdraft account ever in my life again.
Mentally I realized the influence of resisters and negative thoughts and wanted to do the Powermorphing course again. I talked to Hannes over the phone about an International Trust I was busy setting up through Philip, when I asked Hannes whether I could do the Powermorphing course again. To my delight he confirmed that I could do it again and that the coming Sunday, his next presentation would be. It was Friday afternoon just before 16:00. I had a karate Gashuku and grading on the Saturday after a long absence and Sunday was Fathers day. I had to make a decision and committed to be at the course on Sunday.
The office of Dr. Hannes Dreyer was closed when I called just past 16:00. I was really disappointed. Not even after a minute I called his office, Hannes Dreyer called me back and told me that he spoke to Tanja and that there was still a seat available for me - with a much discounted price. Thank you Hannes for making my day that Friday afternoon, as well for a excellent follow-up Powermorphing course that Sunday. The following day I started applying the Powermorphing principles again in my goal setting and can identify and remove the resisters that held me back in my wealth creation journey.
My relationships with my wife, child, parents, colleague, assistants, patients and family just flourished this past few weeks. My wife and I only disagreed once about something simple, we respect each other and I think that she is the most beautiful and loving wife a husband can get. I just want the best for her and my son and it gives me a wonderful sense of knowing that I can have the best relationships I could ask for.
I focused on getting more sleep and resting and exercising my body. Luckily I am on a exercising routine with an instructor, that is also my karate Sensei. He helped me a lot in my rehabilitation after my back injury, both physically and mentally.
I started reading a few books on Spirituality and by doing this, I realized that the Truth sets you free, as you also taught us in this challenge. By knowing this fact, it gives me a calming effect and confidence that I before seldom experienced.
Thus, my average day is so fulfilling - it feels that I live - not just work and stress, work and eat, work and sleep and racing the rats around town. To know that I don't know all is much more than other people know and that in itself is really so fulfilling, because now I seek to know more, to understand better, to be happier, to have freedom, to make the right decisions and to take responsibility of my own life.
To extend this challenge for life on a daily basis, I shall have a positive mind, I shall recognize resisters and eliminate them, I shall learn and read and apply, I shall develop my own personal system for success in my wheel of life, I shall glorify God in all I do, I shall seek the Truth, I shall serve and love my wife and son to give them the best that they deserve and acknowledge their love and commitment to make me the best husband and father I could be.

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