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Emile Fitzmaurice


I am best in the mornings - fact.
I therefore have altered my routine to have Spiritual - Physical - Mental  time first thing, then Financial and later in the day Relationship time when I am more mellow.
I need to specifically address the Financial aspects and include them earlier  - this is one aspect that I have not yet made satisfactory  progress with. I will start the 49 days again from Monday 27th Aug with the specific target of challenging myself with achieving my  financial goals. I can be absolutely committed to a specific physical goal for example an event  like Hill2Hill,  however  this same fortitude eludes me to  a  degree  when it comes to the financial side. This MUST change.
I have recognized that action and doing is now my focus rather than gathering more and more knowledge only to the exclusion of financial action. I have a wonderful capable mind with many ideas and opportunities.  Thinking - Planning - Action. Mastersons "Fire - Ready - Aim" may even be appropriate to galavise some dramatic change.
My Goals:
Travel Twice per year for three weeks with my wife.
Financial Freedom from HAVING to work, ie R50k pm Residual Income from Properties, Internet, Commissions or other sources independent of my labor.
Time to devote to helping to Create Jobs and Businesses.
Time to pursue my physical interests, IronMan, Comrades, Mountainbiking.
Time to spend with Family and Friends.
Simplify my life.
What is really important is how we can be of Service to others.
I will share this course with others - all can benefit from the insights given here.
I have recognized that this life of ours is a truly wonderful journey of exploration
Any Thing we choose to pursue aligned with Gods will in the interests of the Greater Good will come to pass.
I start tomorrow with repeating the course from day one - there is so much to absorb and adopt that a second and maybe a third re-run will be of benefit. A  diary of what is to be done daily has proved to be of great benefit and must be continued.
I WILL spend more time on my personal financial challenges in order to free myself of negative perceptions which hinder my growth.
I want to thank you Hannes for the privilege of your views and insights. They have inspired me over the last forty nine days and continue to inspire me on the mentoring program.
May we all have improving Health, Wealth, Wisdom, Love and Heart

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